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Top 10 Best Quiet Toys for Babies and Toddlers in 2020

Babies are great, but for such little people, they make a lot of noise! Some situations just are not appropriate times for the typical chiming, music-playing, talking toys your child loves. Whether you are working from home or entertaining guests or are out in a quiet venue like a restaurant or church, it is important to have quiet toy options for your child on hand. Babies learn about the world by engaging all of their senses, with sounds and speech at the top of the list. Many parents worry about their child’s development and buy talking toys to ensure their baby will be exposed to language, and hence learn to talk themselves, at a very early age. But babies also learn through independent discovery and exploration. The toys listed below will provide hours of quiet, independent play so both you and your little one will be all smiles.

When shopping for quiet toys for your baby, look for the following features:

Soft structure. This means no loud crashing or clanging if baby hits the toy against something.

Not electronic. No batteries required equals no noise.

Quiet rattles. These still entertain your child with cause and effect but without the loud, annoying sound of a traditional rattle.

Books. Even though they cannot read yet, babies love looking at the pictures. Baby books that feature tactile elements are especially engaging for baby.

1. Best Choice Products Push and Go Friction Powered Animal Cars

These cute and colorful little cars feature adorable animals your baby will love. They are easy for anyone in the family to use: just wind them up and let them go! Because they are friction powered, they do not require batteries. Unlike many toy cars today, these rely on your child’s imagination for any movement and sounds, which means creative and quiet playtime.




2. SOFTTOYS Fabric Tool Box Children’s Soft Tools Play Set

This soft-structure play set contains five big, brightly-colored tools, including a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill, a flashlight, and a saw. It offers the fun of playing repair man (or woman) without the inevitable loud hammering sounds. Plus, if your child hits their sibling, the dog, or themselves with these tools, no one gets hurt! Soft toys like these are also great for easy cleanup; no matter what baby throws at them, you can just toss them into the washing machine and they come out good as new.




3. My Quiet Book

Many baby books are just full of colorful pictures, but this one also contains tactile learning tools. From learning to zipper and snap to matching shapes and telling time, this little book will keep your baby occupied again and again. All the touch elements are tethered to the book, which means no more lost pieces. The book’s soft shape makes for sensory discovery that is both quiet and pleasant on baby’s sensitive skin. There are a huge number of soft baby books of all themes and styles on the market now, so no need to worry if this one is not for you.




4. Wonder Blocks Foam Blocks

Who would have imagined a quiet set of blocks? These are made of high-quality foam and are big enough that baby cannot choke on them while still being fun for the whole family to play with together. These blocks are perfect for developing motor skills and for creative building play. The best part is that these blocks will not send a crash echoing through the house when your child knocks down a tower or bangs the blocks together.




5. Sassy Non-sters Ba-Bee Plush with Teething Keys

This cute little plush is made of different colors and textures (including a body of ribbed blue corduroy) for your baby to explore. The chunky, textured teething keys will help soothe your little one’s aching mouth. It also has a quiet rattle inside to entertain baby while keeping you sane. This could become one of your child’s favorite toys since it is fun, cuddly, and engages her senses.




6. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Sometimes going with a classic is key. The rings’ bright colors and beads engage your baby, while stacking the rings helps them develop grip, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. The softer plastic ensures minimum noise, even when baby is stacking or hitting the pieces together over and over. This toy also teaches your child to differentiate between sizes and colors. For an old-style toy with no bells or whistles, this stacker provides a lot of learning benefits.




7. Infantino Stick and Spin High Chair Pal

This little toy is great because you can take it anywhere. The cute monkey’s suction-cup feet attach to hard surfaces like high chairs and stroller trays, so your child can engage in quiet play wherever you go. This toy’s mirror, moveable beads, and array of colors and textures are sure to fascinate your baby without noise.




8. Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Book – Have You Seen My Puppy?

This soft toy acts as both a book and a play set in one! It can be folded into a house shape or laid flat and includes a detachable finger puppet. Each page features a flap for baby to explore. This book would be fun to read together or for your child to play with on her own.




9. Children’s Factory Soft Tunnel Climber

This soft play climber is made up of movable building blocks including steps, a slide, and a tunnel so you or your child can change and rearrange its structure. Babies learning to crawl,walk, and climb can play without the risk of falling and hurting themselves. The best part is there are no extra noise-making elements, so your child can engage in discovery play creatively and quietly.




10. Bright Starts 2-in-1 Silly Sunburst Activity Gym and Saucer

Of all the toys on this list, this one might be the best value for your money. It is adaptable as your baby grows from lying on his back to sitting up. It features a mirror, dangling animal characters, and many different tactile elements that will entertain your little one for hours. This toy does play music and sounds, but can be put on “lights only” or motion-activated modes for quiet play.



In today’s baby toy market, it sometimes seems impossible to find a toy that does not talk, squeak, twinkle, or play music. As you can see, though, there are actually a lot of options when it comes to quiet toys for independent discovery play.


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