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The kitchen is generally considered to be the loudest room in the house. Unless of course you have a noise snoring partner!  It’s where the culinary magic happens, but it’s also where the whisking, blending, ice crushing and all manner of un-godly noise making comes from. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We have tailored our quiet kitchen posts to bring you the best quiet equipment to dial down the chaos, and bring a little harmony to your kitchen. From posts on the best quiet ice makers and coffee grinders, to the best quiet dishwashers or garbage disposal units.

Our quiet kitchen posts aim to provide you with the best quiet products for all areas of your kitchen, from the cleaning to the cooking!

Quiet Kitchen Stuff

13 Best Quiet Blender Reviews – 2021 Guide

Blenders can be one of the noisiest kitchen appliances, but they can be one of the most useful, too! Perfect for making smoothies and mixing other foods, a blender is a great addition to many households. But if the noise they make is putting you off, it might interest you …
Quiet Kitchen Stuff

Best Quiet Range Hood Buyers Guide – 2021

Keeping your kitchen free of steam, smoke, smells and excess moisture can be tricky, but a range hood can help. A range hood sits over your stovetop or gas stove and helps to eliminate any fumes and unwanted substances in the air. There are many options to choose from when …
Quiet Kitchen Stuff

11 Best Quiet Microwave Reviews For 2021

Microwaves have long been a popular kitchen appliance, but they are known for making quite a lot of noise. Microwave noise can be frustrating, particularly if you live in a busy house where noise levels are already high and getting peace and quiet can be difficult. Fortunately, there are now …