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There are lots of opportunities to reduce the noise in and around your home, and this section of our site aims to help you do just that. Our quiet household stuff guides are jammed full of tried and tested products, designed to take the earache out of your home.

From quiet fish tank filters to ceiling fans. Or quiet bed frames to tower fans, we aim to provide guides that can help you reduce noise anywhere you want to.

Things that you may never have considered, like quiet flush toilets and quiet tumble dryers, we see opportunity to reduce noise everywhere!


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Best Quiet Mini Fridge Reviews – 2021 Guide

Mini-fridges are the pinnacle of snacking luxury. These compact appliances have the same goal as their bigger counterparts: to keep your beverages and foods cold! However, they only take up a fraction of the space as your traditional kitchen refrigerator. Thus, you can store these fridges pretty much anywhere. They’re …
Quiet Household Stuff

Best Sound Dampening Panels – 2021 Review Guide

There’s no denying that sound problems can be a huge pain. Whether you’re creating a tricked-out home recording studio, a palatial home cinema, or simply have paper-thin walls in your living room, controlling those issues is a must! The physics of sound can be tricky. Due to the way that …
Quiet Household Stuff

Best Quiet Tumble Dryers On The Market In 2021

Tumble dryers can be very effective for drying large items, and they’re especially useful during winter. The technique used by a tumble dryer removes moisture from bedding, towels and large items. By bouncing wet garments around inside of a large tumbler, the dryer causes friction and removes moisture from the …
Quiet Household Stuff

Best Quiet Air Conditioners & Buying Guide 2021

Having an air conditioner is important if you want to be comfortable in your home or office throughout the entire year. Not only does it allow you to stay cool, it also helps filter the air, removing dust and other allergens. Some air conditioners can be very noisy, however, which …