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There are lots of opportunities to reduce the noise in and around your home, and this section of our site aims to help you do just that. Our quiet household stuff guides are jammed full of tried and tested products, designed to take the earache out of your home.

From quiet fish tank filters to ceiling fans. Or quiet bed frames to tower fans, we aim to provide guides that can help you reduce noise anywhere you want to.

Things that you may never have considered, like quiet flush toilets and quiet tumble dryers, we see opportunity to reduce noise everywhere!


Quiet Household Stuff

13 Best Quiet Bed Frame Reviews – 2021 Guide

Nobody wants a squeaky bed — how are you supposed to get a good nights sleep if your bed frame is constantly making a lot of noise?! Fortunately, purchasing the right quiet bed frame can fix this issue. A squeaky bed is usually caused by the materials is it made …
Quiet Household Stuff

9 Best Quiet Flush Toilets Reviewed In 2021

If you’ve ever tried to flush the toilet in the middle of the night, you’ll know how loud a toilet flush can be. Not only does this wake everyone else in the house up, but it lets people know you’ve just been to the bathroom — something some people may …
Quiet Household Stuff

Best Quiet Washing Machines For 2021

When given a choice, most consumers prefer to keep important appliances on the main floor. The problem is that many appliances are too loud to keep anywhere near the main floor of a home. By keeping your washer and dryer on the primary floor, you can benefit from the convenience …