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There are lots of opportunities to reduce the noise in and around your home, and this section of our site aims to help you do just that. Our quiet household stuff guides are jammed full of tried and tested products, designed to take the earache out of your home.

From quiet fish tank filters to ceiling fans. Or quiet bed frames to tower fans, we aim to provide guides that can help you reduce noise anywhere you want to.

Things that you may never have considered, like quiet flush toilets and quiet tumble dryers, we see opportunity to reduce noise everywhere!


Quiet Household Stuff

10 Best Quiet Hamster Wheels Reviewed For 2021

If you own a hamster, you probably know that they absolutely love their wheel. A hamster wheel gives your furry friend the space and means to exercise properly, keeping them happy and entertained throughout their day. However, hamster wheels can be noisy and, with most hamsters more active at night, …
Quiet Household Stuff

7 Best Quiet Sump Pumps – 2021 Guide

Basement foundations are a great way to maximize the square footage of your home. But, they’re a lot tricker to maintain than a standard slab or crawl space foundation. Because a basement is below ground level, you have the effects of gravity and water flow to contend with! A sump …