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Have you ever wondered how to soundproof a ceiling? or soundproof a window? Maybe you think a bit grander and want to know how to soundproof a room. Our quiet guides and tips section will bring you a series of posts to help you explore areas like this to improve the control of noise in and around your home.

From posts on providing cheap DIY sound proofing ideas, to posts that explain the difference between different types of noise such as white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

This section aims to provide you with guides and tips to improve your understanding of noise, your ability to improve your noise reduction or to understand the different products available to improve your environment.

Quiet Guides and Tips

How To Soundproof A Room

Unless you’re living in a home with thick brick walls at every turn, sound issues are going to be a problem at some point. Interior walls just aren’t built to provide a good level of noise reduction and privacy. Exterior walls are a bit better, but they’re still not going …
Quiet Guides and Tips

White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise

There are a variety of noise signals that can be used to help with a variety of situations in daily life.  White noise is the most popular color of noise that people have heard of and even listened to but there are two other colors of noise, pink and brown, …
Quiet Guides and Tips

How To Soundproof A Ceiling

Nothing can be more disturbing than hearing annoying noises from the floor above you. Especially when trying to relax from a hard day’s work, noises from tenants above come through disrupting your evening as if you’re sharing the same space. However, there are some time and cost efficient ways to …
Quiet Guides and Tips

Cheap DIY Soundproofing Ideas

Cheap DIY Soundproofing Ideas If you are like many others who prefer apartment living to a stand-alone house, you have undoubtedly discovered there are both advantages and disadvantages to apartment living. One of the best benefits is you are not responsible for yard work or fixing any problems that may …
Quiet Guides and Tips

How To Soundproof A Door

Soundproofing a door can prevent a lot of noise from the outside world from traveling inside to your home. In some cases, it is an essential part of soundproofing a room.  If you rent an apartment, a soundproofed door can prevent noise from your neighbors above and below you from …