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13 Best Silent Wall Clocks – 2021 Guide

Wall clocks play an important role in our day-to-day lives, even if we take them for granted! They help us keep track of our day and add a nice decorative touch to any space. But there’s one downside that many people can’t stand: the ever present ticking noise.

If you’re a light sleeper or have an astute sense of hearing, you know what we’re talking about. That constant ticking can drive a person mad! It pulls focus from whatever you’re doing. If the wall clock is in your room, it may even prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Luckily, there are some analog clocks out there that don’t produce a ton of noise. The best silent wall clocks give you all the perks of a traditional timepiece without the grating ticks!

If you’re on the search for a non-ticking timepiece, we have you covered. Here are some of our favorites.


Best Silent Wall Clocks – Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct nameFeaturesStar Rating 
C PLUS Non-Ticking Wall ClockSilent sweeping second hand

Integrated LCD display, Shows date and temperature

Compatible with several software titles
4.6 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Umbra Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall ClockBeechwood clock face, No second hand

Silent quartz movement

Approximately 20 inches in diameter
4.5 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Bjerg Instruments Modern 12" Silent Wall ClockNon-ticking second hand

Uses 1 AA battery

Stainless steel frame, High-contrast face
4.7 out of 5Buy On Amazon
HITO Silent Kids Wall ClockAvailable in a range of colors

Contemporary design

10-inch diameter, Uses 1 AA battery
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Bernhard Products Black Wall ClockAvailable in 10, 12, 13, and 16-inch diameters,

Glass lens, Quartz accuracy

Non-ticking second hand
4.5 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Kesin Silent Wall ClockPrecise movement, Pine frame

Uses AA battery

Rustproof hands
4.5 out of 5Buy On Amazon
LUYIPITA Black Large Decorative Wall ClockNo second hand, Cast iron and wood

Silent quartz movement

22 inches in diameter
3.9 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Seiko 12" Ultra-Modern Wall Clock with Quiet SweepQuiet sweep second hand

Plastic housing

Uses 1 AA battery
4.3 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Oldtown Clocks 23" inch Noiseless Silent Gear Wall ClockLarge 3D numbers

Made of lightweight MDF

Distinct design
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Plumeet 13'' Large Wall ClockABS plastic and glass

3D numbers, Easy to hang

No ticking noise
4.7 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Foxtop Silent Kids Wall ClockMade of ABS plastic

Anti-fog glass, Metal hands

Sweeping second hand
4.6 out of 5Buy On Amazon
DreamSky 12-Inch Large Wall ClockRetro typeface, Uses AA battery

High-contrast clock face

Continuous-sweep second hand
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
DreamSky 10-Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock10 inch modern wall clocks

Non ticking

Large and clear
4.7 out of 5Buy On Amazon


Best Silent Wall Clocks Reviewed

C PLUS Non-Ticking Wall Clock

Here’s a simple utilitarian clock that will fight right in with any decor. It has an aluminum metal frame and large numbers for visibility. To keep things quiet, C PLUS uses a sweeping second hand. The silent sweep eliminates ticks completely.

One cool thing about this clock is the LCD screen in the center. It provides some basic date and temperature information. Place it near an exit and you can check on the weather before you leave.

Key Features:

  • Silent sweeping second hand
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Shows date and temperature
  • Uses 1 AA and AAA battery
  • Compatible with several software titles
  • Durable aluminum frame



Umbra Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock

Trying to create that modern minimalistic look? Try this clock by Umbra on for size! It doesn’t feature a second hand or any numbers. Instead, it’s sporting simple black hands.

The entire clock is made out of bent beechwood. The wood is cut into thin strips and bent into a ribbon shape. The individual ribbons are positioned like standard numbers would be. So, you can easily tell the time even though the clock doesn’t have a traditional face.

Key Features:

  • Beechwood clock face
  • No second hand
  • Minimalist design
  • Silent quartz movement
  • Approximately 20 inches in diameter



Bjerg Instruments Modern 12″ Silent Wall Clock

This clock might not be the most ornate. But, it certainly has an appealing look. Clad in stainless steel, the clock offers a clean design. The clock face is black and features large white numbers. The “negative” design scheme is great for those who have trouble seeing. It has high contrast and good visibility.

There is a second hand to help you count the seconds. However, this one doesn’t have abrupt ticking. It’s completely silent, allowing you to focus on whatever you’re doing.

Key Features:

  • 12-inch diameter
  • Non-ticking second hand
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Stainless steel frame
  • High-contrast face



HITO Silent Kids Wall Clock

Looking for a clock for a kid’s room? Check out this vibrant option from HITO. Rather than the boring old black and white clock faces of standard timepieces, this unit is sporting some fun colors. It’s available in apple green, yellow, blue, and more!

While it’s made for kids, this is a clock that can appeal to fans of contemporary interior design, too. The typeface is sleek. Not only that, but there are no tick marks on the face. The clock does have a second hand. But, it uses sweeping motion to stay silent.

Key Features:

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Contemporary design
  • 10-inch diameter
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Sweeping second hand



Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock

Keep things simple with this Bernhard Products wall clock. Perfect for classrooms or contemporary living rooms, this clock has a standard clock face. However, it uses some high-quality components to provide you with accurate time-keeping.

The clock uses quartz movement. The second hand is completely silent. The housing is tough, too. It’s made of durable plastic around the perimeter. But, a glass lens keeps all of the internal components safe from harm.

Key Features:

  • Available in 10, 12, 13, and 16-inch diameters
  • Non-ticking second hand
  • Glass lens
  • Plastic housing
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Quartz accuracy



Kesin Silent Wall Clock

Harken back to the good-old-days with this vintage-inspired wall clock. This piece looks like it was made several decades ago. Yet, it’s equipped with some modern conveniences you can’t go without. That includes a silent second hand!

The unit has a wooden frame made entirely of pine wood. Inside, the face has a weathered backdrop and traditional Roman numerals. The hands are all made of metal. They’re a bit more ornate than the hands you see on other clocks, further pushing that retro appeal.

Key Features:

  • Precise movement
  • Pine frame
  • Uses AA battery
  • Rustproof hands
  • Silent operation



LUYIPITA Black Large Decorative Wall Clock

If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, this clock may be for you! It’s an enormous wall clock that measures roughly 22 inches in diameter. Put it in your kitchen, living room, or game room. Thanks to its large size, you can see it from virtually anywhere!

When it comes to design, this clock doesn’t disappoint. It has a rustic farmhouse motif, combining metal elements with aged wood. The hands are large, ornate, and made of gold-colored metal.

Key Features:

  • No second hand
  • Silent quartz movement
  • 22 inches in diameter
  • Cast iron and wood
  • Uses single AA battery



Seiko 12″ Ultra-Modern Wall Clock with Quiet Sweep

Seiko is no stranger to creating quality timepieces. The brand is most known for its beautiful watches. However, this clock is a successful foray into the wall clock market!

If you’re a fan of Seiko watches, you’ll love the design of this piece. It has a similar clock face design, incorporating deep tones and subtle gradients. The numbers are bold and easy to see. Above the standard numerals, you’ll see some colorful numbers to represent the minutes.

This clock has a large non-ticking second hand. It sweeps across the clock to keep things quiet.

Key Features:

  • Quiet sweep second hand
  • Plastic housing
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Classic Seiko watch design



Oldtown Clocks 23″ inch Noiseless Silent Gear Wall Clock

This steampunk-inspired clock is a real looker. The piece features decorative gears and aged numbers that provide a vintage look. You can get the clock in a couple of different styles, including faux silver and bronze.

It’s a massive clock, measuring about 23 inches across. So, it works well in large living rooms or game rooms.

This particular clock doesn’t have a second hand. It’s completely noiseless and relies on quartz movement for accuracy. The manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty for the mechanics

Key Features:

  • Large 3D numbers
  • Made of lightweight MDF
  • Distinct design
  • No second hand



Plumeet 13” Large Wall Clock

Fans of modern home decor will love this clock from Plumeet. It’s a prime example of modern aesthetics done right! The clock is clean and minimalist. Yet, it’s still highly visible.

The clock features three-dimensional numbers. The numbers are molded onto the ABS plastic base. They cast a subtle shadow, which makes them really pop from across the room.

Of course, this clock doesn’t produce any ticking noises whatsoever. There is a second hand, but it’s silent and unobtrusive.

Key Features:

  • ABS plastic and glass
  • 3D numbers
  • No ticking noise
  • Uses single AA battery
  • Easy to hang



Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock

Give your child something whimsical to learn on! This analog wall clock is a colorful timepiece that’s perfect for teaching your kid how to tell time. The numbers are large and colorful. Each one is a different color, so you can teach colors while you’re at it!

The hands are big as well. They’re made of metal but feature an eye-catching finish. The sweeping second hand is silent, so the clock won’t keep your child up at night.

Key Features:

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Anti-fog glass
  • Metal hands
  • Sweeping second hand
  • Colorful numbers



DreamSky 12-Inch Large Wall Clock

Here’s a simple yet elegant clock to adorn your walls. Several subtle design cues that harken back to the era of art deco! The minimalist typeface and clean lines create a beautiful face that looks good anywhere. The unit is made of plastic and has a glass cover. The satin finish is a nice touch, too.

The clock has a thin second hand. It’s a sweeping hand that doesn’t rely on ticking to stay in place. Instead, it uses quartz movement for enhanced accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Retro typeface
  • High-contrast clock face
  • Uses AA battery
  • Continuous-sweep second hand
  • Accurate timekeeping



DreamSky 10-Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

The sound of a ticking clock can drive you crazy and bring back memories of your time in school. Thanks to this quartz wall clock, you can easily keep track of the time without hearing a single tick. The clock features a classic design with a white face and black letters around the edges that match the black border. Tick marks between the numbers help you keep accurate time. Made from plastic, it weighs a little over a pound and fits on any wall. You can use it in your child’s bedroom or any other room where you want to keep an eye on the time.

Key Features:

  • 10 inch modern wall clocks
  • Non ticking
  • Large and clear



The Benefits of a Silent Wall Clock

I know what you’re thinking: is the ticking really that big of a deal? That constant ticking is relatively quiet already, so why invest in a silent non-ticking wall clock?

The truth is, the intensity of sound is purely subjective! What’s quiet to one person can be jarring to the next. It all comes down to how people focus. Some are able to tune those subtle sounds out without any issues. But for others, they can be a real distraction.

Imagine sitting in a quiet living room or home office. There’s virtually no ambient noise. The only thing you hear is a constant ticking! Clocks are a bit unique in the fact that they stick out. It’s not like the hum of a quiet fan in the background. Clock movement ticks are high-pitched and abrasive. Thus, they tend to stand out.

A silent clock eliminates those issues. Most don’t have a dedicated second hand, which is what’s responsible for the noise. Instead, they rely on quartz movement. The silent quartz improves time-keeping accuracy so that the second hand doesn’t have to.


Why Not Go Digital?

Digital wall clocks have their benefits. They usually come with a ton of extra features and often come with a minimalist look. Most even act as alarm clocks. However, those extras could end up causing more problems than they solve!

First of all, digital clocks are lit. Whether they use LED technology or a full LCD display, that light can ruin your ability to sleep just as much as the ticking sounds of an analog clock.

But the biggest problem with digital time-keepers is accuracy. You might not notice any accuracy issues at first, but many will start to fall behind after several months. That’s not always the case. There are some good models out there. However, many argue that digital clocks just don’t hold a candle to quartz wall clocks. At the end of the day, accuracy is the most important thing.


Key Considerations When Choosing a Silent Wall Clock

There are many great silent wall clocks on the market today. It’s not easy choosing just one! The key is to consider your needs and figure out what features are most important to you. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop.

Sweep Movement

The first thing to scrutinize is the clock’s movements. As we mentioned earlier, the thing that creates the ticking is the second hand. You need to find a clock that has a quiet sweep second hand or none at all.

You’ll find several noiseless clocks that don’t have a second hand. Those are a great option. But, you might need the second hand at some point for a timer!

In that case, you might want to get a clock with a silent sweep. These clocks have a non-ticking hand that moves smoothly. Instead of stopping every second, it moves at a preset pace to keep accurate time without the ticks.


The design of your clock isn’t going to affect its noise levels. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important! Even non-ticking clocks need a bit of style!

You have limitless possibilities here. Every detail from the dial face down to the look of the minute hand and hour hand can be unique. You may also find clocks with Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, or even smaller clocks with different time zones. Some will also have built-in thermometers to provide indoor temperature readings.

Take your time choosing a design you like. Chances are, the clock is going to live on your wall for many years to come. Don’t be afraid to go bold or choose a style that complements your home!


The size of your clock will impact design. But more importantly, it affects visibility. Wall clocks are meant to be put on display! Thus, it’s a good idea to have a large wall clock you can see from anywhere.

At the very least, we recommend getting a clock with a 12 inch diameter for bigger living rooms. If you’re shopping for a bedroom or small study, you can go smaller. Just make sure that the hands are visible from several feet away.

Power Source

Next, you need to consider the power source of your new wall clock. A vast majority of the clocks on the market are going to utilize simple batteries for power.

The good news is that analog wall clocks, even non-ticking ones, don’t use a ton of power. So, basic AA batteries can last you quite a long time.

Now, if your clock has fancier design features like lights, you may need access to a wall outlet. Keep that in mind!


Last, but not least, you should think about appropriate materials for your clock. You can find clocks made out of everything from MDF to acrylic plastic. High-end clocks may have metal frames or glass covers.

The material isn’t just about style. You have to consider how much the material weighs and how it will affect placement. For example, a stainless steel metal wall clock is going to be a lot heavier than a simple plastic one!



Gone are the days of having to deal with that incessant ticking! The best silent wall clocks give you all the time-keeping accuracy you need. But, they leave the ticking behind.


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