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11 Best Quiet Treadmills To Keep You Moving In 2021

Treadmills are the go-to for anyone looking to stay fit. Rather than heading to the gym or finding a safe space to run, you can get your cardio fix in the comfort of your own home!

These workout machines have been around for a long time. While the design has improved a lot over the decades, there’s still one point of contention for fitness enthusiasts. Treadmills tend to produce a ton of noise!

With a high-speed motor, a bulky frame, and a constantly rotating floor, treadmill noise can get overbearing pretty quickly. This is especially true in a small home gym or spare bedroom.

Fortunately, not all treadmills out there fit the stereotype. The best quiet treadmills are purpose-built to isolate vibrations and keep unnecessary noise to a minimum.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a quiet treadmill? Here are some of the quietest models on the market.


Best Quiet Treadmills – Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct nameFeaturesStar Rating 
NordicTrack Commercial Series TreadmillsApproximately 50 decibels

Available in several sizes

Up to 12 MPH, 300-pound capacity

Touch screen display, Internet connectivity
4.2 out of 5Buy On Amazon
LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan TR3000i TouchFull-color touch display

Bluetooth connectivity

Quiet 2.75 HP motor, Folding

Integrated cooling fan
4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Fannay Electric Folding Treadmill for Small SpacesProduces less than 60 dBa of noise

Folding design

Runs 0.5 to 6.0 MPH
4.5 out of 5Buy On Amazon
SereneLife SLFTRD18 Smart TreadmillProduces than 60 decibels

Simple LCD control panel

Folding design, Bluetooth enabled

Quiet motor, Programmed workouts
4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Sole Fitness F80 Folding TreadmillAs quiet as 61 decibels, Cushioned running deck

Integrated speakers

Programmed workouts, Folding design

375-pound weight capacity
3.8 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Horizon Fitness T303Bluetooth and USB charging port

Integrated HIIT programs

3-horsepower motor, Expansive deck

Hydraulic folding system
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Goplus 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill2.25-horsepower motor, 8 dampening points

Shock-absorbent running belt

Large LED display

Bluetooth connectivity and speaker
4.1 out of 5Buy On Amazon
XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding TreadmillLarge 5 inch LCD display

Speed range 0. 5 -10 MPH

12 preset programs
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
NordicTrack T Series TreadmillBluetooth enabled, Ample cushioning

Smart-response motor

Feature-rich control panel

Hydraulic folding design
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk TreadmillLarge LED display, Only 2.3 inches thick

Air shock reduction

Quiet 1.5-horsepower motor

Very lightweight
4.3 out of 5Buy On Amazon
WalkingPad A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding TreadmillFloor display screen, Wireless control remote

Automatic speed adjustments

Durable construction

Folding design
4.1 out of 5Buy On Amazon


Best Quiet Treadmills Reviewed

NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to train alone. This NordicTrack treadmill has all the high-tech features you need to connect with others. It’s sporting a large touch screen display. With an appropriate membership, you can use the screen to access on-demand workouts and interactive training sessions.

The treadmill itself is very well-built. It has a quiet motor, shock absorbers, several running options, and a solid frame. While the unit is on the larger side, it has a handy folding feature to reclaim some room when you need it.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 50 decibels
  • Available in several sizes
  • Up to 12 MPH
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Touch screen display
  • Internet connectivity



LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan TR3000i Touch

From LifeSpan fitness is this powerhouse of a treadmill. At the heart of the machine is a robust motor. It produces 2.75-horsepower, which can move the belt up to 12 MPH. Despite its power, the motor is well-insulated and quiet.

The running surface is well-built, too. Supporting the belt are eight compression shock absorbers. Not only are they good for noise reduction, but they can benefit your joints as well. Pair all those features with the high-tech control panel, and you have a treadmill fit for any cardio junkie!

Key Features:

  • Full-color touch display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quiet 2.75 HP motor
  • Folding
  • Integrated cooling fan



Fannay Electric Folding Treadmill for Small Spaces

We weren’t expecting much from this quiet treadmill. These workout machines tend to be very noisy on their own. When you’re using them, the problem gets even worse! Luckily, that’s not the case with this model.

It uses some noise-reduction technology in the motor as well as shock absorbers below. The cushioning mechanism, in particular, is surprisingly effective. Not only does it cut back on vibrational noise that travels through your home, but it’s also easy on the knees!

The overall performance is respectable. You have several speeds to choose from. There’s also a multi-function display with 12 programs and several ways to monitor your session. Small sensors on the side handles let you view your heart rate, too.

Key Features:

  • Produces less than 60 dBa of noise
  • Folding design
  • Runs 0.5 to 6.0 MPH
  • 220-pound capacity
  • Multi-function display
  • Built-in health sensors



SereneLife SLFTRD18 Smart Treadmill

Looking to enjoy the benefits of running without breaking the bank? Check out this unit from SereneLife. It’s nowhere near as feature-rich as some of the previous models we went over. But, it covers your bases and provides you with all the features you need.

You’re getting a simple LCD control panel with multiple speed options. The fastest this treadmill can go is 6 MPH. Powering the belt is a quiet yet efficient motor.

Key Features:

  • Produces than 60 decibels
  • Simple LCD control panel
  • Folding design
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Quiet motor
  • Programmed workouts



Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Pump up the jams with this quiet treadmill! The machine has an MP3-compatible sound system. Built-in speakers up front point right at you to get you energized for your workout!

If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, you can do that, too. The treadmill has a quiet motor with ample insulation. It also has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, which is exclusive to Sole Fitness. The running surface has a lot of give, which reduces noise and feels good on your joints.

Key Features:

  • As quiet as 61 decibels
  • Cushioned running deck
  • Integrated speakers
  • Programmed workouts
  • Folding design
  • 375-pound weight capacity



Horizon Fitness T303

Want to mix things up a bit during your workout? Try this Horizon Fitness treadmill on for size. While it’s great for standard running, it has some great programs built-in. There are several High-Intensity Interval Training options, which can take your fitness to the next level.

The control panel on this treadmill is feature-rich. You have several incline and speed options. There are also ways to create custom programs.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and USB charging port
  • Integrated HIIT programs
  • 3-horsepower motor
  • Expansive deck
  • Hydraulic folding system



Goplus 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill

The most impressive feature of this GoPlus treadmill is its running belt. This isn’t your average rubber belt! It has five distinct layers. The first three are to support your body and reduce the force of impact with every step. But, the fourth layer is specifically added to reduce noise.

When you consider the rubber feet and efficient motor, this treadmill is surprisingly quiet. While not completely silent, it cuts back on excess noise significantly.

Key Features:

  • 2.25-horsepower motor
  • 8 dampening points
  • Shock-absorbent running belt
  • Large LED display
  • Bluetooth connectivity and speaker



XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

Work out in the freedom of your home without bothering others with this folding treadmill. With a 16-inch by 50-inch running space, it gives you plenty of room to move as you walk or run. The 12 preset programs let you choose routines that help you lose weight and get in shape, but you can also select from manual options, too. Those manual options allow you to set a running speed of up to 10 miles per hour. Thanks to the folding design, the treadmill folds almost completely flat for storage under your bed or couch. When you use headphones, you can workout as your family sleeps.

Key Features:

  • Large 5 inch LCD display
  • Speed range 0. 5 -10 MPH
  • 12 preset programs



NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

NordicTrack has done it again with the T-Series. This unit can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth. If you have a compatible membership, you can initiate on-demand or live workouts. The treadmill will respond to those workouts automatically, adjusting incline and speed accordingly.

The running deck is wide and comfortable to run on. If you take a look at the sides, you’ll see some FlexSelect shock absorbers. They help to reduce the blow to your joints while also keeping things quiet.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Ample cushioning
  • Smart-response motor
  • Feature-rich control panel
  • Hydraulic folding design



Under-Desk Treadmills

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill

Burn some calories as you work with this sleek treadmill from RHYTHM FUN. Measuring only 2.3 inches thick, this is a machine that you can easily tuck under a standing desk. When you’re not using it, prop it on a wall or slide it under the bed!

Despite its streamlined design, this unit isn’t very loud at all. The motor is energy-efficient and stable. Not only that, but the treadmill air shock compression to reduce noise. The self-lubricating belt also prevents vibrations from traveling.

Key Features:

  • Large LED display
  • Only 2.3 inches thick
  • Air shock reduction
  • Quiet 1.5-horsepower motor
  • Very lightweight



WalkingPad A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill

Not only is this treadmill thin, but it also folds up to reduce its footprint even further! The unit is well-built and features some impressive features.

The first is the automatic speed adjustment feature. When you walk on specific zones, the treadmill will speed up or slow down. You can take control of your walk without having to fiddle with a complex panel. The unit also comes with a handy wireless remote!

In terms of noise, the treadmill is very quiet. It only produces a soft hum.

Key Features:

  • Floor display screen
  • Wireless control remote
  • Automatic speed adjustments
  • Durable construction
  • Folding design



Why are Treadmills So Loud?

Before we go any further, it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as a silent treadmill. Even the best quiet treadmills are going to produce some noise. There’s no way around that. However, you can look for machines with features that can mitigate those problems significantly.

Two machine components are responsible for most of the noise you hear: the motor and the belt.

The motor is what turns the floor and gives you a revolving surface to jog on. Like any other motor, treadmill units are prone to creating vibrations. The harder the equipment has to work, the worse those vibrations will be.

As the gear gets older, you might notice the motor working a bit harder than usual. This also occurs when the motor overheats or has inadequate insulation.

The belt is another culprit. The belt is the rotating floor. Usually made of rubber, the belt attaches to the motor and spins around the frame. The problem here is pure friction.

With every rotation, the belt is rubbing against metal or plastic, which only amplifies existing vibrations!

Ways to Reduce Noise

There are a few ways that manufacturers keep noise levels down. Ultimately, it all comes down to the design of the motor and the machine as a whole.

Motors with insulation can do a lot to prevent vibrations from resonating through the machine. The same goes for equipment that’s securely mounted. If the bolts and screws aren’t coming loose, there are fewer things to vibrate.

You can do your part to dampen noise, too. Consider placing your treadmill on a rubber mat. This will prevent those vibrations from traveling through the room. Also, put your machine anywhere but the corner of the room!

Corners will reflect noise and bounce it around your home gym. All of a sudden, those subtle squeaks become grating and loud.

Finally, keep the belt lubricated. Proper lubrication will allow the belt to move smoothly through the frame. Not only will this cut back on noise, but it can also prolong the life of the belt.

You can try these tips on your existing treadmill. But you follow them with a quiet machine, you can enjoy your morning run in peace!


Key Considerations When Shopping for the Best Quiet Treadmills

There’s a lot to consider when buying a quiet treadmill. These machines don’t come cheap. They’re a big investment that will ultimately impact your health and well-being. But that is the decision here, weighting up the short term financial shock against the long term physical benefit. If the 2020 lockdown told us anything, it’s that we can’t take our physical health for granted. But it’s not always easy to work out quietly in the home when we have a partner working from home trying to make conference calls or concentrate. Equipment like quiet bike trainers and quiet treadmills are a god send in times like this.

Not sure where to start your search? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Quiet Motor

First things first, choose a treadmill with a quiet motor. Look out for some of the features we went over earlier. A sealed and insulated motor will be hard to detect even in a reflective room.

No motor will be completely silent. But, treadmill-makers have developed a lot of great techniques to improve the motor design. Nowadays, motors are sleeker and quieter than ever before!

Before you commit to a treadmill, see if the manufacturer offers any decibel ratings. You’ll find that treadmills run the gamut from 40 decibels up to 70 decibels. The lower the decibel rating, the better!

Noise-Reduction Features

Isolation is the key to noise reduction. To make these machines quiet, manufacturers must isolate vibrations as much as possible.

You may see basic features, such as rubber feet. Those work well, but a better option would be a suspension system!

A suspension system on a treadmill acts the same way as the one in your car. It absorbs shocks with every step, ensuring that those vibrations don’t travel to the floor or through the room.

Ample Cushioning

Speaking of shock absorption, it’s important to get a treadmill with some cushioning underfoot. Injuries are more common than you think with treadmills. The repetitive motion can put a real strain on your muscles.

If you’re not careful, you could end up doing serious damage to your back and joints. Some treadmill users even experience Mechanical Hemolytic Anemia due to repeated stress.

A suspension system can make a world of difference for your body. However, you can also get simpler features like a thicker belt or a softer running surface. Also, don’t forget to wear shoes while you run!

Safety Features

You should never buy a treadmill that doesn’t have at least basic safety features. These machines can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Go with units that have emergency shut-off systems. This could be a simple key that you clip onto your shirt as you run. More advanced treadmills may have automatic sensors that can detect when you stop. Either way, safety is paramount.

Fitness Features

Want to take your fitness to the next level? It pays to have a treadmill with flexible fitness features. Basic machines may have integrated timers, calorie counters, and distance trackers.

On the higher end of the price spectrum, you’ll find treadmills that can connect to your phone or quiet headphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some machines even have integrated touchscreens that can connect you to a remote trainer.

This is all up to personal preference. But if you’re serious about running, those extra features can make all the difference.

Running Options

If you have any experience with cross-country running, you know all too well about the plateau effect. Once your body gets used to exerting a certain amount of energy, you’ll stop seeing the effects of your workout. You have to keep pushing yourself if you want to lose weight or improve your endurance levels.

That’s where having multiple running options comes in handy. Look for treadmills with several speeds, inclines, and custom programs to choose from.

Size and Footprint

Last, but not least, don’t forget to consider size! Treadmills come in a wide range of sizes to suit anyone’s needs. You can find compact units that fold up and slip under a bed. But there are also plenty of behemoths out there that will require a permanent spot in your gym.

Take some measurements before you shop. Pay attention to running sidth and overall length to ensure that your new treadmill can fit in your home.



Whether you’re new to running or you’re a seasoned cross-country runner looking to exercise at home, you have a lot of great treadmills to choose from. Stick with the best quiet treadmills if you want to enjoy the peace of running without all of the extra noise! These treadmills have all the features you need. But the powerful motor and noise-reduction features make all the difference in terms of enjoyment.



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