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9 Best Quiet Leaf Blowers – 2021 Guide

When the autumn season rolls around, (or the dry season in tropical areas) most homeowners around the world have a yard full of leaves to contend with! While you could go the old-school route, high-powered leaf blowers are far more efficient. Let’s face it: no one wants to spend hours sweeping and raking! The best leaf blowers can take care of a yard in minutes.

Despite their efficiency, leaf blowers are notorious for producing a ton of racket. Leaf blowers produce upwards of 115 decibels! Not only is it annoying for your family and neighbors, but continued exposure to that kind of noise can cause permanent hearing loss.

Luckily, there are some quieter alternatives out there. Quiet leaf blowers provide you with the same performance as a traditional machine. But, the best quiet leaf blowers include features to dramatically reduce noise levels and make your yard-cleaning duties much more pleasant.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a low-noise leaf blower, check out some of our favorite quietest leaf blowers below.


Best Quiet Leaf Blowers – Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct nameFeaturesStar Rating 
RYOBI RY40470VNM Cordless Jet Fan Leaf BlowerApproximately 59 decibels

550 CFM and 125 MPH, Turbo button

Comes with 40-volt battery and charger

Variable air speed trigger, Brushless motor
4.2 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Ryobi P2108A ONE+ Cordless Jet Fan BlowerAbout 66 decibels, 280 CFM and 100 MPH

Compatible with 18-volt system

Integrated scraper, Removable nozzle

Weighs less than 6 pounds
4.6 out of 5Buy On Amazon
EGO Power+ LB5804 Variable-Speed Cordless Leaf BlowerAround 65 decibels, Up to 75 minutes of runtime

Up to 580 CFM and 168 MPH

Variable speeds, Turbo trigger

Includes battery and charger
4.8 out of 5Buy On Amazon
DEWALT DWBL700 Chorded Electric BlowerRoughly 69 decibels, Two replaceable nozzles

Up to 409 CFM and 145 MPH, Corded

Integrated floor stand

Extension cord clip
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Greenworks 24252 Variable Speed Cordless Leaf BlowerApproximately 68 decibels, Up to 135 CFM

150 MPH, Uses included 40-volt battery

Weighs less than 4 pounds

Variable speed
4.2 out of 5Buy On Amazon
WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/VacuumProduces about 60 decibels, Corded, Two speeds

Built-in mulcher and vacuum

18:1 mulching ratio, Up to 350 CFM

Debris collection bag included
4.2 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf BlowerApproximately 98 decibels, Gas-powered

Low vibrations, Variable-speed throttle

Up to 692.17 CFM

Comfortable to use
4.6 out of 5Buy On Amazon
K I M O. Cordless Leaf BlowerAround 61 decibels, Up to 200 CFM

Only weighs 2 pounds, Uses 20-volt battery

20-minute runtime

Works as a vacuum
4.3 out of 5Buy On Amazon
Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed Electric BlowerAround 67 decibels, Works as vacuum and leaf shredder

Built-in cord lock, Up to 235 MPH

Comes with several accessories

Metal impeller
4.4 out of 5Buy On Amazon


Best Quiet Leaf Blowers Reviewed

RYOBI RY40470VNM Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower

Ryobi is no stranger to creating some top-notch cordless tools. This leaf blower is compatible with the brand’s 40-volt batteries, one of which is included. The handheld blower produces some impressive power for its size. But thanks to the brushless motor, you’re only getting about 59 decibels of noise!

The blower features a variable speed trigger, which allows you to adjust power based on your needs. For particularly tough jobs, you can hit the turbo button and watch those leaves fly!

Key Features:

  • Approximately 59 decibels
  • 550 CFM and 125 MPH
  • Turbo button
  • Comes with 40-volt battery and charger
  • Variable air speed trigger
  • Brushless motor



Ryobi P2108A ONE+ Cordless Jet Fan Blower

Another excellent option from Ryobi, this unit offers slightly less power. But, it’s more compact and easy to carry. The handheld vacuum works with Ryobi’s 18-volt line. This particular package doesn’t come with a battery or charger.

The leaf blower produces about 280 CFM, which is more than enough for light to medium-duty jobs. Like the previous model, this unit is sporting a variable speed trigger. It also uses the same jet fan design to provide strong and consistent airflow.

Key Features:

  • About 66 decibels
  • Compatible with 18-volt system
  • 280 CFM and 100 MPH
  • Integrated scraper
  • Removable nozzle
  • Weighs less than 6 pounds



EGO Power+ LB5804 Variable-Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

From EGO Power+ is this efficient cordless blower. It’s a handheld unit that’s under 10 pounds. While heavier than other options, it’s still quite manageable. Powering this machine is a 56-volt rechargeable battery. With the included charger, you can get full juice in about 100 minutes. This will provide over an hour of runtime!

A simple knob on the handle of the blower lets you choose the appropriate speed for the job. There’s also a handy turbo trigger to take advantage of all the power the motor has!

Key Features:

  • Around 65 decibels
  • Up to 580 CFM and 168 MPH
  • Variable speeds
  • Turbo trigger
  • Up to 75 minutes of runtime
  • Includes battery and charger



DEWALT DWBL700 Chorded Electric Blower

Looking to get limitless runtime? Check out this unit from Dewalt. It’s a corded handheld blower that requires an extension cord. Like many other corded power tools, this device has a shorter power cord. But, it does have a handle clip to hold your extension cord as you work.

The blower can produce up to 409 CFM. It comes with two nozzles. You can achieve the most power with the round nozzle. However, the flat concentrator nozzle can also help blast leaves away from hard surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Roughly 69 decibels
  • Two replaceable nozzles
  • Up to 409 CFM and 145 MPH
  • Corded
  • Integrated floor stand
  • Extension cord clip



Greenworks 24252 Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

Whether you’re blasting a huge pile of leaves or you’re sweeping a sidewalk clean, this unit from Greenworks has you covered. Weighing a mere 3.27 pounds, this blower is light enough for anyone to use. It has a compact design, too, which is great for sweeping away leaves from a large surface area.

This isn’t the most powerful blower out there, but it’s more than capable of handling quick. It’s powered by a 40-volt rechargeable battery, which provides about 14 minutes of runtime.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 68 decibels
  • Up to 135 CFM and 150 MPH
  • Uses included 40-volt battery
  • Weighs less than 4 pounds
  • Variable speed



WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

Here’s a machine that can do it all! From WORX, the WG509 Trivac is much more than a leaf blower. It’s also a leaf vacuum and mulcher. With a simple flip of a switch, you can change modes based on your job. There are also two operating speeds for great work versatility.

The great thing about this unit is that it comes with a debris collection bag. Turn on the mulcher and you can collect waste in minutes. The unit has a high mulching rate, turning 18 bags of full leaves into a single bag of mulches bits!

Key Features:

  • Produces about 60 decibels
  • Built-in mulcher and vacuum
  • 18:1 mulching ratio
  • Up to 350 CFM
  • Corded
  • Two speeds
  • Debris collection bag included



Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

For heavy-duty jobs, this gear from Husqvarna is a good option. It’s a gas-powered unit, so it will produce more noise than its electric counterparts. That said, Husqvarna has implemented some noise and vibration-control features, such as the engine dampeners.

The backpack blower is comfortable to use. Sling it over your shoulders and hold onto the offset handle. A variable-speed throttle puts blowing control at your fingertips! Thanks to the powerful engine, you’re getting a lot of power in a relatively compact package.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 98 decibels
  • Gas-powered
  • Low vibrations
  • Variable-speed throttle
  • Up to 692.17 CFM
  • Comfortable to use



K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower

If you’re looking for a light-duty device you can use anywhere, this model has you covered. It tips the scales at 2 pounds. Plus, it only produces about 61 decibels of noise. The unit is incredibly lightweight and will serve you well with small jobs around the yard.

A 20-volt battery provides about 20 minutes of runtime when fully charged. One cool thing about this unit is that you can easily turn it into a vacuum. Move the nozzle to the air inlet tube, attach a bag, and start sucking up leaves!

Key Features:

  • Around 61 decibels
  • Up to 200 CFM
  • Only weighs 2 pounds
  • Uses 20-volt battery
  • 20-minute runtime
  • Works as a vacuum



Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower

Here’s another multifunctional machine that can take care of several jobs! At its core, it’s a powerful leaf blower that can produce up to 235 MPH of airflow. But, you can easily attach the included debris bag to suck up leaves, too.

Inside, the unit is equipped with a metal impeller. It makes quick work of leaves, shredding them down to usable bits that you can discard or use in your garden. The durable impeller resists damage and prevents clogging.

Key Features:

  • Around 67 decibels
  • Works as vacuum and leaf shredder
  • Built-in cord lock
  • Up to 235 MPH
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Metal impeller



Why Use a Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers are nothing new. They’ve been around for decades and continue to be the go-to choice for leaf removal. But what makes them better than raking or sweeping?

It all comes down to efficiency. Leaf blowers can blast away yard debris and grass clippings in a matter of minutes. Thanks to high-powered engines and motors, these tools produce a powerful stream of focused air that you can use to tackle yards of any size. Whether you’re clearing hard surfaces, such as a massive parking lot, or a grass-filled lawn, these quiet leaf blowers can get it done.

Outdoor power equipment like a leaf blower is necessary if you want to keep your property looking tidy all year long. Lawn care is an ongoing job. If you don’t have hours a week to spend on raking and sweeping, a leaf blower will help you keep your lawn looking attractive.

Plus, these tools aren’t just made for leaves! They are quite versatile. You can use them during the winter to clear snow from a sidewalk or during the summer to tackle lawn trimmings. Some models even feature vacuum functionality to make bagging a cinch!


What Kinds of Leaf Blowers are Available

In the past, homeowners and landscapers only had a few options to choose from. But today, there are many kinds of leaf blowers on the market. We’re not talking about design or power specifications here. We’re talking about the core functionality and operation.

On your search for the perfect quiet leaf blower, you’ll encounter three different types of units.

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

The first, and most common, are gas-powered leaf blowers. These blowers were the first to hit the market. While fuel-efficiency features and better performance are to be expected, the core design remains unchanged.

A gas-powered leaf blower is usually the most cost-effective option. Not only that, but they are highly portable. You don’t have to worry about being tied down due to an extension cord. That said, there are some tradeoffs.

The first is noise. Gas-powered leaf blowers can echo throughout your neighborhood. Some municipalities have noise ordinances, which could severely limit when you can use it.

Another big issue is emissions. Whether it’s equipped with a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine, combustion is still occurring. With fuel combustion comes fumes and unwanted emissions.

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric-powered tools are a great alternative to gas-powered ones. These units do not rely on combustion at all! Instead, they use a powerful motor to spin the impeller and create the airflow you need.

Most electric leaf blowers on the market today are significantly quieter than their gas counterparts. But once again, there’s on big tradeoff. These units need to connect to a standard 120 volt outlet. That’s not a big deal if you have a tiny yard. But if you’re the proud owner of multiple acres, corded models can be a real hassle!

You may have to rely on a huge extension cord to reach the far corners of your property.

Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

Finally, we have cordless equipment. These machines address most of the concerns of the previous two! They are quiet, don’t produce fumes, and aren’t anchored down by a power cord.

The only main issue you might encounter is runtime. Cordless leaf blowers utilize high-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries. Depending on the size of the battery and the efficiency of the blower, you could be looking at over an hour of operation. On the lower end, you might only get 20 minutes!

Pay close attention to the battery life. The good news is that you can always invest in more batteries to increase runtime as you see fit.


Important Factors to Consider When Buying Quiet Leaf Blowers

Choosing a quiet leaf blower isn’t as easy as one would think. These machines are quite complex. There are many factors to think about when shopping. Here are some of the most crucial.

Noise Ratings

No one likes hearing leaf blower noise. That includes your family members and your neighbors. Leaf blowers can be as loud as chainsaws, lawn mowers, and other heavy-duty equipment. Pay close attention to any available decibel ratings. Some manufacturers provide this information in the specs sheet. Always go with a lower number.

It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a silent leaf blower. Chances are, you’ll still need to use earplugs to stay safe. All tools are going to produce some level of noise. The key is choosing one that’s manageable.

Also, read up on your local laws! Some jurisdictions have leaf blower bans on machines that go beyond a certain sound threshold. You might see bans on outdoor power tools altogether. Others may limit when you can use the equipment. Read up on laws in your area so that you’re not faced with steep fines. You can use any regulations about power tools to help guide your decision. This is especially important in regards to noise!

Power and Airflow

Next, consider how much power you need. There are a few different ways to measure power and efficiency. The first is through amp ratings. Amps reflect how much electricity the unit is pulling. Thus, this measurement is more applicable to electric models.

Electric leaf blowers typically have amp ratings between seven and 12. On the higher end, you can expect more intense airflow.

If amp ratings aren’t available, look for CFM ratings. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It indicates how much air flows through the machine’s nozzle in a minute. Some manufacturers might provide the same information through MPH, or miles per hour, instead.

Either way, choose a machine that offers enough power for your job! A high-powered unit is best for larger properties. Meanwhile, you can get away with a low-powered tool if you only have a small garden. If you want more flexibility in your leaf blower’s performance, you can also find tools with variable speeds.

Generally, you’ll find CFM ratings between 300 and 900. Larger walk-behind blowers may offer up to 8,500 CFM!

Handheld vs Backpack

Here’s something that many homeowners fail to think about! Quiet leaf blowers are not light! They might seem lightweight at first, but they can quickly weigh you down and start challenging your muscles!

Handheld blowers are great if you only have a small area to work with. Those jobs only take a few minutes to complete, so bulk and weight aren’t going to be a huge issue.

On the other hand, you may benefit from a backpack blower if you have a larger yard. You can sling these units onto your back to take the load off your arms. They are quite handy and can help you work for much longer.



A good leaf blower can do a lot to make your lawnscaping tasks more accessible. But, you have to think about your own hearing and the impact the tools have on your neighbors. Quiet leaf blowers offer some good middle ground. You can keep your lawn tidy without disturbing the neighborhood too much!

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