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The Best Quiet Lawn Mowers 2020 – Reviewsand Buyers Guide

Lawn mowers are great for trimming the lawn, and they can make lawn care much easier. Modern lawn mowers have a variety of useful features, and they can be used to cut your grass to the perfect length. The only problem is the endless selection of products to choose from.

All lawn mowers fall into three major categories. Gas mowers offer the most cutting power and can power through the tallest, thickest grass, but they produce the unfortunate side effect of excessive noise. Electric mowers create far less noise than gas mowers, but they aren’t always as powerful.

The third type of mower is a manual device, which means it doesn’t have an electric or gas motor. If you don’t already own one, you should consider getting a quiet lawn mower. The lack of noise is one of the greatest gifts that these products have to offer.

You can avoid disturbing your neighbors and keep your lawn looking fresh. Another advantage of a quiet lawn mower is the lack of required earmuffs.

The noise produced by a gas lawn mower can be deafening, and depending on the exact model, it might even be loud enough to cause damage to your hearing. Push reel and electric lawn mowers don’t cause this problem.

Another great reason to purchase and use a quiet mower is for the lack of carbon emissions. Since most of these products aren’t powered by a gas motor, they don’t pollute the environment.

An electric motor is much friendlier for the environment and delivers enough power to get the job done. If you want to get the best quiet lawn mower, then you have some things to consider.

What to Look For In A Quiet Lawn Mower

An electric mower allows you to avoid all of the problems that stem from using a gas mower, but if you don’t choose the right product, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits. Since most quiet mowers are push reel or electric, they don’t require oil changes or spark plugs.

You don’t have to worry about spilling gas or replacing air filters. The only maintenance that you’ll need to perform on a quiet mower involves replacing or sharpening the blade. Over the span of several years, you could save hundreds of dollars in operating costs.

When shopping for quiet electric mowers, it’s a good idea to make sure they come with a charger and battery. It’s quite common for consumers to purchase an electric mower, and once it has arrived at their house, they realize it didn’t come with the vital components.

It’s also important to make sure that the mower allows for height adjustments. If you can’t adjust the height, then you won’t be able to groom your grass to the perfect height. Before you decide on a particular model, it’s a good idea to check for a long cord.

You can always use an extension cord, but it’s much easier to use a mower that doesn’t require an extension cord. The size of the cutting deck is also important, and a good size to look for is 20 inches. If you go too much smaller, your lawn will require many more passes.

A smaller cutting deck will require more total time spent mowing, but depending on your budget, you might have to settle for a smaller size.

With such a vast selection of lawn mowers to choose from, the thought of finding the best product might seem daunting.

Below, you’ll find reviews for 10 of the best quiet lawn mowers available.


Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

The first product on the list is a classic lawn mower, and it’s designed with a 20-inch cutting reel. With 10-inch dual tracking wheels, this mower is easy to push across the lawn, and it has rugged radial tires.

Although it’s a classic mower, it offers nine different grass heights to choose from. You can set the blade to cut grass to a height of one to three inches, and it’s controlled by quick-snap height adjusters.

To give your grass a high-quality cut, this classic mower is made with five heat-treated steel blades. If you decide to purchase this product, you’ll get the composite wheels, handle and mower.

The Scotts 2000-20 is economical, maneuverable and lightweight. It can handle thick turf and delivers quiet, clean operation. Since it isn’t powered by gas, it produces barely any noise.




Ryobi 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

The Ryobi cordless mower is another quiet product, and it’s one of the newest cordless models available. Since it doesn’t come with a charger and battery, you’ll need to purchase these items separately. This electric mower is compatible with the Ryobi 40-volt lithium battery, and it features a 16-inch cutting deck.

You can use a single lever to adjust the height, which makes it easy to select an ideal grass height. This 40-volt mower contains the latest cordless technology, and it needs only 90 minutes to recharge.

The 16-inch cutting deck is large enough to tackle most lawns, and since it’s powered by an electric motor, the Ryobi mower produces almost no noise. If you want to keep your lawn groomed and keep noise to a minimum, this product is worth considering.




M200 String Mower with 173cc Viper Engine

The M200 string mower is like a cross between a traditional lawn mower and weed eater. Although it’s powered by a gas engine, it’s designed to be much quieter than most other gas mowers. The M200 is a versatile product, and it’s useful for all types of terrain.

It can mow, trim and clear brush, and since it’s made with special cam licks, you can easily store it away or transport it. The construction is built to last, and to reduce irritating vibrations, the M200 has a durable, seamless deck.

The high-wheel design can easily float over uneven ground and pass through tall weeds. This mower is powered by a 173cc Viper engine, and the engine has been designed with several features for noise reduction.

You can use the M200 to make short work of unsightly weeds or tackle stubborn brush. With large wheels, this mower will feel like it’s floating through the grass. It’s an ideal product to use when a classic mower won’t work.




Razarsharp Minimower 13 Inch 12 amp Electric Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a smaller product, then the Razarsharp Minimower is worth considering. With a tiny 13-inch cutting width, this is the smallest mower that you’ll find. It weighs only 29 pounds and works well for smaller lawns.

Since it’s an eco-friendly product, it’s much safer for the environment than a gas mower, and it’s powered by a 14-amp motor. The electricity produces almost no noise and costs significantly less than gasoline. The Razarsharp mower produces no emissions and has a high-life blade.

There is even an optional mulching kit. With convenient, foldable handles, this mower can be stored away in a compact space. For small urban yards, this is one of the best lawn mowers on the market.

It’s small enough to be stored in a closet or on a shelf, and it has a safety lever, rear bag catcher and extension cord. You also have the option to purchase the mulching kit separately.




20″ Height Adjustable Classic Hand Push Lawn Mower Reel Grass Catcher

Here we have another classic mower. Since it doesn’t run on gas, it creates almost no noise. This particular mower doesn’t even require an extension cord. With six different cutting heights, it offers several different cutting heights.

You can control the height with the quick-snap height adjusters. This classic mower comes with dual tracking wheels, which have strong rubber tires. It cuts your grass with five heat-treated steel blades and comes with a handy grass catcher.

Once the grass catcher has been attached to the back of the mower, it will collect all of the shredded grass. A classic mower doesn’t deliver the greatest amount of cutting power, but it’s one of the quietest lawn mowers that you can get.

It’s also lightweight and easy to push across the lawn. You can use it to cut grass, loosen soil and removes unsightly weeds. It doesn’t cost nearly as much money as a gas mower and can fit on a shelf in the garage.




Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are some of the quietest products available, and the Black & Decker CM1936 is a great example. It has a removable 36V battery, and it’s capable of cutting up to a third of an acre of lawn at a time.

Since the Black & Decker CM1936 runs on removable batteries, you can purchase and use several different batteries to cut larger properties. The charger for this mower sports the Energy Star label, so you can trust that it’s an efficient product.

A one-touch adjustment feature lets you change the height on all four of the wheels. The CM1936 has a 19-inch cutting deck, and the total weight of the product is 72 pounds.

This mower comes with a safety key, mulch plate, battery charger, 36V battery pack and rear bag assembly. With an efficient design, this mower is designed to trim grass quickly and produce minimal noise. The cordless technology is very convenient and eliminates the risk of running over a cord.




Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ500M 16-Inch Manual Reel Mower

The Sun Joe Mow Joe features a classic design and doesn’t require messy gasoline. It’s easy to use, economical and lightweight. As a push reel mower, it requires a bit more elbow grease to get it going, but once you’ve used it a few times, you might find the experience to be quite enjoyable.

The MJ500M can handle thick turf and creates almost no noise. If you’re trying to mow your lawn quietly, this could be one of the best products for the job.

When compared with gas mowers, this product serves as an eco-friendly option. For convenience, this mower comes with a grass collection bag, which helps to keep your lawn looking clean and fresh. The Sun Joe Mow Joe is powered by your body’s energy, so you could almost think of it like a bicycle.

It will cut a 16-inch path through thick grass, and a handy lever lets you choose between four different height positions. Even if you’re not a huge fan of classic mowers, this product is worth considering.




60-volt 21″ Brushless Mower

The 60-volt Brushless mower is one of the strongest electric lawn mowers on the market, and despite the high power output, it produces almost no noise.

It features a 21-inch steel deck and uses a 3-in-1 design. With SmartCut technology, this mower is capable of slicing through half of an acre of grass with a single charge, but you’ll need to purchase the battery separately.

The Brushless mower runs on a 4Ah battery, and since it uses vertical storage, it’s much easier to fit into a garage. This product has no cord and requires zero oil and maintenance. The Snapper offers five different tools and runs on a single battery.

You can use it to prune, trim, mow and blow through all of your outdoor chores. It’s one of the only 60-volt mowers available and lets you choose from seven different cutting heights. If you want the cutting power that you’d get from a gas mower but don’t want the noise, then consider this product.



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