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Best Quiet Garage Door Openers – 2020 Guide

Picture this: You come home late at night. As you pull into your driveway, you press your garage door opener, and all of a sudden the area is filled with sounds of chains and scraping metal! Not only do you wake up your entire family, but your neighbors get to have a nice late-night surprise, too!

Garage door openers have done a lot to revolutionize home security and convenience. With a press of a button, you can gain access to your garage without having to pull your back out. Unfortunately, these remote-controlled devices are notorious for being some of the loudest home gadgets around!

Luckily, innovations in the garage door opener market have led to some better alternatives to the machines of yesteryear. The best quiet garage door openers can do the same job as older machines at only a fraction of the decibel level!

They utilize smooth motors that are usually designed to reduce vibrations. Some even come with fewer moving parts, resulting in efficient performance without all of the headache-inducing noise!


The Benefits of a Quiet Garage Door Opener

In most cases, ultra-quiet garage door openers are going to cost you more than standard units. So why make the upgrade?

The most obvious benefit is going to be more peace in and around your house! No one wants to deal with the noise of a garage door opener late at night. Even during the day, the sound can be so jarring that it’s bound to upset someone!

But it’s not just noise that you have to worry about. Vibrations can be an issue, too. Those in the living spaces next to or above the garage are going to feel the vibrations of the garage door opening. Depending on how old and clunky your machine is, the operation could rattle the walls.

Ultimately, upgrading to the quietest model you can find is beneficial for everyone. The best quiet garage door openers will get the job done without any of the issues that come with older units. Plus, most are built to be easier to maintain and run. Who doesn’t want that?


How to Choose the Best Quiet Garage Door Openers

Walk through any home improvement store and you will likely see a vast collection of machines to choose from. But how do you find a quiet model?

Chances are, you’ll come across models marketed as “Quiet,” or “Ultra-Quiet.” However, most manufacturers don’t publish any noise level specs. The relative decibel level you experience will depend on many factors, so publishing that data isn’t reasonable.

To pick a model that’s quiet and efficient, you need to look at how the door opener works. Here are some important things to consider while you choose the best quiet garage door opener for your home.

Drive System

The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the drive system. The drive system refers to how the machine actually lifts your garage door up. There are a few different options on the market today.

The type of system your garage door opener uses will have a huge impact on noise levels. Some are far quieter than others. On the same token, the technology will also affect operation based on the type of garage door you have. Here are some of the most common types of garage door openers you’ll encounter on the market.

Chain Drive

This is the type of system that most homes have. It’s cost-effective, perfect for standard aluminum doors, and offers reliable performance. The downside? Chain-driven openers are loud and produce a ton of vibrations!

The heart of the system is a bicycle-like chain. It’s attached to a drive sprocket, which pulls the chain and moves the trolley. Think of it as a pulley system. If less noise is your priority, we recommend staying away from these systems.

You may be able to find some quiet chain drive garage door openers. But the quietest chain-driven model is still going to noticeably louder than some of the other options you have.

Belt Drive

A belt drive system is your best bet if less noise is what you’re after. These systems work similarly to chain drives. It still uses a drive turning drive sprocket and motor. The main difference is the absence of a traditional metal chain.

Instead of the chain, a belt drive garage door opener uses a thick rubber belt. It’s reinforced with steel for protection. The rubber belt absorbs vibrations, resulting in ultra-quiet and super-smooth performance.

This is the go-to for homeowners looking for a quiet machine. You might not see a belt drive openers being advertised as quiet. But, the core design ensures that it will be less invasive than your average opener.

Screw Drive

Perfect for wide or heavy garage doors, screw drive systems are a great option to consider. They work wonders on solid-core doors or double garages.

As you can guess from the name, these systems use a simple turning rod. The rod is threaded allowing the opening mechanism to move the door as it turns. The benefit of a screw drive system is that it’s more compact without sacrificing performance.

Generally, these systems are quieter than chain drive garage door opener. They still produce some noise, but there are fewer moving parts. This results in fewer vibrations and overall quieter operation.

Direct Drive

Finally, we have direct drive garage door openers. These systems are very simple. Rather than having a separate motor connected to a belt, chain, or rod, the entire system acts as the trolley. The motor moves along a track to open and close your garage door.

This is a good option because it has a single moving part. Thus, you have fewer vibrations and a lot less noise to contend with.

Lifting Power

Once you decide which drive system is right for you, you’ll need to think about lifting power. Lifting power is usually dictated by the horsepower rating of the motor.

For residential homes, models with a 1/2 to 1 1/2 horsepower motor will suffice. The trick to choosing the right horsepower level is to consider the construction of your door.

Solid-core doors made of metal or wood are going to weight a lot more than standard aluminum doors. So, you’re going to need a more robust motor to lift it safely. In that case, you might want to go with a higher horsepower rating.

Even if you have lightweight doors, a more powerful motor can benefit you. With more power behind it, the opener can lift the door with less strain. It’ll work more efficiently, reducing your chances of long-term damage. This can ensure that your door remains quiet for much longer!

Power Supply

Next, it’s good to think about the power supply. Garage door openers are powered by either AC or DC power. You can plug both options into your standard home outlet. But, DC motors have some additional benefits.

A DC-powered system converts AC power to DC. They’re usually smaller and produce less noise. They’re also quieter when you first start the system up, which is a huge plus.

Another thing to consider is backup power. This is an optional feature that won’t affect the system’s daily performance. However, having backup battery power can make a difference in the event of an emergency.

Manually opening a garage door is dangerous. The tension springs can do a lot of damage if you don’t know what you are doing. With a battery backup system, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to get your car out of the garage even when there’s no power.

Safety Features

Speaking of safety, it always pays to have a garage door opener with some advanced features built-in. Older units made before 1993 typically lack the common safety systems of newer garage door openers.

You should invest in a garage door with safety sensors. With a sensor, the garage door opener will automatically stop whenever there’s an obstacle in the path of the door. This can help avoid entrapment issues, which makes your garage a much safer place.

Control Options

The best quiet garage door opener will let you take control from several yards away. The whole purpose of a garage door opener is to make things more convenient for you, so why choose a model without a remote control?

Look for advanced systems that utilize rolling code technology. With this security feature, your transmitter will send a unique code to the receiver each time you use it. This makes it much harder for hackers to gain control over your garage door opener.

In addition to remote control operation, you should look out for in-garage controls. Keypads let you open up the door from inside your garage without having to take the button remote out of your vehicle. Many systems use wireless keypads, allowing you to place the controls wherever you want in your home or garage.


Best Quiet Garage Door Opener Reviews

We know that finding a quiet garage door opener is no easy task. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best machines that the market has to offer.

Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

Here’s an ultra-quiet belt drive system with a lot to offer. The Genie SilentMax uses a steel-reinforced belt to move the door. Pair that with the 3/4 horsepower motor and you have a system that’s both quiet and efficient.

The design of the unit is great, too. It’s a low-profile machine that provides more headroom in the garage. There’s also motion-controlled LED lighting on the bottom to illuminate your space with no need for complicated wiring.

As if that wasn’t enough, the SilentMax has the T-Beam safety system. It blasts an infrared light beam across the opening. When the beam is broken, the machine will automatically move into reverse to keep you and your family safe.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 3/4 HP motor
  • 140-volt DC power
  • Belt drive
  • Built-in motion detection lights
  • T-Beam safety feature
  • Low-profile design
  • Multiple control options
  • Limited lifetime warranty



Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener

This model from Genie takes control to the next level. The StealthDrive comes with several control options. You can open and close your garage door with the standard wireless keypad, wall console, or remote control. Or, you can connect it to Wi-Fi and control it from anywhere in the world!

Once connected to Wi-Fi, you can use an intuitive smartphone app. The smart garage door opener is even compatible with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

The opening mechanism itself is very quiet. Like the previous model, this unit uses reinforced rubber belts. A powerful 1 1/4 horsepower motor improves efficiency no matter how heavy your garage door is.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 1 1/4 HP motor
  • Belt drive
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Backup battery
  • Simple 5-piece rail system
  • T-Beam safety
  • Limited lifetime warranty on motor



Chamberlain B1381 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If you’re looking for a smart garage door opener to complement your smart home, check out this model from Chamberlain Group. It has integrated Wi-Fi and MyQ compatibility. MyQ is a system with broad compatibility. Once connected, you can control your garage door through your smartphone.

That’s not all. The MyQ app lets you see when the door has been left open, when it was last used, and more. Thanks to the wide compatibility of this system, you can easily connect your garage door to a large smart home system. Control the door with voice commands, create a schedule, and more!

Of course, the door has some impressive performance, too. It uses a powerful motor and a reinforced belt system to provide you with smooth and quiet operation.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 1 1/4 HP motor
  • Belt drive
  • MyQ technology
  • Compatible with smart home systems
  • Backup battery
  • LED lighting
  • Safety sensors
  • Multiple control options
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty



Chamberlain B980 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

The B980 is another impressive machine from Chamberlain Group. It has many of the same features as the previous model. This includes the robust 1 1/4 motor, MyQ technology, and quiet operation.

There are some additional features worth noting. The most beneficial feature you can take advantage of is the automatic locking system. Every time you close the door, it will deadbolt. This improves your overall home security for peace of mind.

There’s also a backup battery system. It can unlock the deadbolt and provide enough power to open the door many times in the event of a power outage.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 1 1/4 HP DC motor
  • Belt drive
  • MyQ compatibility
  • Automatic security features
  • Compatible with extension kits
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Safety sensors
  • Battery backup
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty



SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C Garage Door Opener

The SKYLINK garage door opener is a simple and affordable model. It does use a chain drive. However, the motor is quite efficient. It also has a soft start and stop system to reduce vibrations. Thus, it’s quieter than other chain-driven systems you might have encountered.

Despite its simplicity, SKYLINK did not skimp on safety features. First, there’s a safety shield around the trolley. This prevents tampering and keeps curious kids out. The unit comes with snap-in infrared sensors and rolling code technology as well. When issues pop up, a small LCD screen on the side of the unit provides you with diagnostic codes as well so that you always know what’s going on with your garage door opener.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 1/2 HP DC motor
  • Quiet chain drive
  • Soft start and stop
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Trolley safety shield
  • Rolling code technology
  • Diagnostic LCD screen
  • One-year warranty



SKYLINK ATR-1622BK ATOMS Quiet Garage Door Opener

If you need something a bit quieter than the previous model from SKYLINK, give this unit a shot. It has a lot of the same great features. However, it’s belt-driven to provide an ultra-quiet experience.

This system is pretty versatile. It has a lot of safety features and is easy enough for dedicated DIYers to setup. The kit comes with a few handy extras. There’s an auto-close timer to improve security in your home. The garage opener also comes with a wireless wall control panel. The control panel is battery operated and weather-protected for flexible placement

Key Features and Specs:

  • 1/2 HP DC motor
  • Belt drive
  • Soft start and reverse safety system
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Rolling code technology
  • DIY friendly setup
  • Available with or without Wi-Fi
  • Auto-Close timer
  • One-year warranty



Decko 24300 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener from Decko is built for self-installation. It comes with easy assembly instruction and uses non-polarized wired connections for simplicity.

You can get this model with either a quiet belt drive or a chain drive. While the chain drive is louder, it offers surprisingly smooth performance. Both options are tough enough to handle wide garage doors. The system is compatible with extension kits as well, allowing you to get quiet performance on ultra-wide doors.

Overall, the Decko garage door opener is simply. It’s not a Wi-Fi garage door opener with all of the bells and whistles. Instead, it’s a quiet model that covers all of the bases without unnecessary extras you might not need.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 3/4 HP DC motor
  • Available with belt drive or chain drive
  • Lifts doors up to 18 feet wide
  • Auto-reverse safety feature
  • Dual light system
  • Simple installation
  • Lifetime limited warranty on motor



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Investing in the best quiet garage door opener you can get your hands on is well worth the money you spend. The upgrade might not seem like much. However, it can make a huge difference concerning noise levels in and around your home.

When you’re choosing a new garage door opener, pay attention to the drive technology it uses. This will have the biggest impact on noise levels. With the right system, you can have a smooth and efficient garage door opener that won’t disturb others. Check out one of our recommended picks and see for yourself!

If you are really keen on reducing the noise levels in and around your home, and not shy of DIY projects, our how to soundproof a room post might give you some further pointers!

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