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13 Best Quiet Bed Frame Reviews – 2020 Guide

Nobody wants a squeaky bed — how are you supposed to get a good nights sleep if your bed frame is constantly making a lot of noise?! Fortunately, purchasing the right quiet bed frame can fix this issue.

A squeaky bed is usually caused by the materials is it made from, although it can also be it’s age and construction. If your bed is very old or not well made, then it is going to make more noise than a newer, more durable bed frame.

With so many different bed frames out there, it can be difficult to know which quiet bed is going to be right for you. Not only do you want it to silent, you also want it to be comfy and to look right in your bedroom. Fortunately for you, we have complied a buying guide of all the information you need to know when it comes to buying a new quiet bed frame, and have even included some of our top picks of the quietest bed frames on the market today. If you want to learn more, keep reading on.


What To Look For In The Best Quiet Bed Frame

There are a few things you should be looking for in a bed frame to not only make sure it is quiet but to make sure it is the right frame for you and your partner.

Noise Level

Of course, the most important factor in a quiet bed frame is the noise level! It will be beneficial to have a quiet bed frame not just to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, but also for other activities, such as sex. Many couples aren’t living alone — they live with roommates, parents or kids — and trying to have sex on a noisy bed can be embarrassing. On that note, you want to make sure you have a quiet mattress to match the bed frame!

You’ll want to ensure the bed is very stable and supportive and, most importantly, doesn’t squeak as you move. Often, a box spring can contribute to a noisy bed frame, so it is often advised you purchase a bed that doesn’t require one.


A durable bed is useful for a number of reasons. First of all, if it is durable, then it is going to be a lot more sturdy and will likely make less noise! You will be able to move around in it without it creaking because it has a strong construction. Another reason you’ll want a durable bed frame is so it doesn’t break! Bed frames can be expensive and if you’re constantly having to piece it back together or are buying a new bed frame every few years, it is not worth it and you will end up wasting a lot of money.


Beds are usually made from two materials — wood and steel. A wooden frame is more likely to be quiet that a metal frame, although both are durable and supportive. There are many steel frames out there that have cushioning to prevent them from making noise. The material you choose comes down to preference and how you want your bedroom to look.


Whether you want a full size, a queen size or a California king, getting a bed that is the right size for your room is important! If your bed is too small or big for the space then it is not going to look or feel right to live in.


Take your budget into consideration when purchasing a bed frame. While some frames can be expensive, there are plenty of good-quality options out there that won’t break the bank. If you are willing to spend more, many bed frames can last you years and years before you need to replace them.

If you’re ready to find the right quiet bed frame for your and your partner, take a look at the best bed frames we recommend below. These are all available to you on Amazon.


The Best Quiet Bed Frames — Reviewed

1) Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame

The Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma bed frame comes in four different heights — 6 inch, 10 inch, 14 inch and 18 inch — and comes in four different sizes. Made of steel, this frame is extremely sturdy and offers excellent support underneath the mattress. There is foam padded tape added to the metal frame for noise free use, ensuring that you can get a quiet nights sleep and won’t be disturbed. There is also non-slip tape on the wooden slats that prevents your mattress from moving, so you can stay comfortable. This sturdy bed frame can be used with any type of mattress, too.


2) Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

This Mornington Upholstered platform bed frame from Classic Brands is made of pine and will give any room a trendy, modern design with the soft grey button-tufted upholstery. The durable wood slat foundation with sturdy center support can be used with any size mattress and ensures you stay steady and supported. The wood also ensures that this bed frame is quiet and won’t make noise as you move around or sleep, either. This frame comes in three different sizes and three different colorways. It also comes with a rectangular headboard that is 3 1/4 feet tall with 8 inch legs.


3) AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

Made of durable steel with a sleek black finish, the AmazonBasics foldable platform bed is designed to hold a weight of up to 250 lbs. Although the bed is made of steel, it offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a mattress and means no box spring is required. Due to the fact it is foldable, you can pack this bed frame away easily and it is easy to move in tight places. To assemble, you don’t need any tools, either. There is extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of about 13 inches, although it is also available in a higher platform size.


4) Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

The Olee Sleep bed frame is made from heavy duty steel and offers a sturdy and durable bed frame that will last you a long time. Although it is made from metal, it has a strong construction that will ensure it supports you and will not squeak. There are plastic feet included so that not only does the frame not scratch your floor, but the frame is cushioned and further prevents any noise. With easy assembly, there is no box spring required for this bed frame and there is a large, 13.5 inch space for storage underneath.


5) Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed

This solid wooden bed frame from Mellow Naturalista not only provides you with a strong and durable frame that will last you many years, but it ensures a frame that will not make any noise while you’re sleeping or having sex. There is non-slip tape included on the wooden slats to further prevent any noise or the mattress slipping. The 3.5 inch solid wood offers excellent support and is far from flimsy, again helping to prevent noise. Easy to assemble, this platform frame has a large space underneath for storage and comes in four different sizes.


6) Amolife Upholstered Platform Bed

This Amolife Upholstered Platform bed frame has a unique design that will certainly stand out in any room. Available in full, queen, and king sizes, this bed is upholstered in faux leather and adds a chic look. It comes with a headboard, frame and wooden slats included and there is no box spring needed. For quiet use, there is foam padded tape added to the wood frame to absorb any noise or creaking sounds so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed.

The slats also have excellent resistant and bounce, ensuring this bed offers great support and durability, too. The short legs prevent the bed from moving and, thanks to their small size, again help to keep the bed sturdy.


7) KD Frames Fold Platform Bed

This foldable platform bed from KD Frames is perfect if you’re looking for a cheaper or temporary quiet bed frame. Made from wood it is durable and supportive, and despite it’s smaller price tag it is of good quality and is a quiet frame. The fact that it is only 10 inches off the ground further helps with it being a quieter frame because it allows for a more study base. Foldable and easy to assemble, this bed frame is great for a range of spaces and can also be used for guests. The smooth and simple design works well in any room, too. Even better, you don’t need a box spring for this bed frame!


8) Zinus Shawn Metal SmartBase Bed Frame

Another bed frame from Zinus, this SmartBase is designed to be noise-free and eliminate any squeaking and creaking you would normally expect from a metal frame. Made of strong and durable steel, this bed is very supportive and will not disturb you while you sleep. There are plastic caps on the legs too, not just to protect your floors but to further absorb any noise that may be made. The heavy construction eliminates the need for a box spring and is extremely easy to set up. It also offers a total of 13 inches of floor space underneath the bed, perfect for storage.


9) Zinus Justina Quick Snap Standing Platform Bed

This Zinus Justina Quick Snap Standing bed frame is a platform frame. With a steel construction and solid wooden legs, this frame gives a strong and durable structure that offers excellent support. A quiet frame, the small 12 inch wooden legs absorb any noise made and the fabric cover of the frame also helps to keep it noise free. You do not need a box spring for this bed frame and it is very easy to set up with a bolt-free construction, giving you a great mattress foundation. It is available in a range of sizes and comes in three different colors, too.


10) DHP Rose Storage Upholstered Bed

This linen upholstered DHP bed comes with four large storage drawers underneath the bed, perfect if you not only need a new bed but also need more space in your bedroom! Made with a bentwood slat support system, this bed does not need a box spring and has a quiet design with further foam padding in the both the tufted headboard and footboard for sound absorption. The slats provide ventilation to keep your mattress fresher for longer, too, while still offering sturdiness and support. There are four edge legs to this frame, as well as extra leg supports in the center.


11) LUCID Upholstered Bed with Slats

The LUCID Upholstered Bed with Slats comes in a rang of sizes and is made with a sturdy wood construction paired with a classic linen-inspired upholstery. The wooden frame ensures the bed is both supportive and durable, while the wooden slats provide extra support for both you and your mattress so you don’t need a box spring and don’t need to worry about the bed making any noise! The legs are only 4 inches tall and therefore also help to prevent noise. Very easy to assemble, this bed comes in five different colors so you will be sure to find one that fits your bedroom.


12) SLEEPLACE High Profile Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

The SLEEPLACE bed frame is constructed from heavy duty steel, providing support and durability all night long. With a noise-free design, this bed is designed to be very quiet and comes with reinforced legs for further sound absorption. Available in both a 14 inch and 18 inch height, this frame provides you will excellent storage space and is very easy to set up. You don’t need a box spring either, perfect for keeping the noise to a minimum. This bed is available in a range of different sizes and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.


13) Homdock Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Homdock bed frame is 14 inches high and is very strong and supportive. With excellent under-bed storage, this frame prides itself in not wobbling, shaking or creaking and offers great durability so you can be sure it won’t make a noise. Made with a strong steel metal structure that can hold up to 3500 lbs, there is a smart recessed design to keep your mattress in place and to prevent it from sliding, too. With 5 years of warranty, you can be sure this metal bed frame will last you a long time and is extremely easy and quick to assemble.


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A quiet bed frame can be a life saver if you need a good nights sleep or don’t want the neighbors to hear what you get up to with your partner! With so many different types of bed frames out there, you can find one that suits your room while still offering you enough support and durability every night. A sturdy frame can be made of either steel or wood and can come in a range of different prices, perfect for many different budgets. So, if you’re fed up of a squeaky bed, there’s nothing stopping you from upgrading. Which frame are you going to go for?


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