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10 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks 2020 – Waking Up In Peace

Considering that the very function of an alarm clock is to wake up a person from their sleep, the concept of a quiet alarm clock may initially seem like an oxymoron. Nonetheless, the category of quiet alarm clocks are becoming increasingly popular as these handy devices both produce no noise before sounding the alarm and have a number of innovative ways to wake up a person without disturbing other people sleeping nearby.

The Benefits of a Quiet Alarm Clock

While there is no industry definition of what constitutes a “quiet” alarm clock, these useful devices generally come in two different types. The first type refers to an alarm clock that is quiet throughout the night (i.e. does not tick, beep, or chirp) but has a number of standard sounds or alerts that sound when the alarm is triggered.

The second type of “quiet” alarm clock refers to devices that use innovative techniques to wake up sleepers that don’t involve loud noises or sounds that can cause people to be flooded with adrenaline, confused, and disoriented. Whether it’s through the use of slowly-increasing light, vibrations, or gentle sounds, these handy devices can be a lifesaver for people who need to wake up without disturbing their partner or other nearby sleepers.

Some quiet alarm clocks are full-size, designed for everyday use in your home while others are smaller and more compact to serve the needs of travelers who need to have a reliable way to wake up when on the road.


Here’s Our Best 10 Quiet Alarm Clocks

Below is our comprehensive guide to the 10 best quiet alarm clocks for sale today:


“Shake N’ Wake” Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

Available in four different stylish colors, the Shake N’ Wake is a truly unique solution to waking up one sleeper without disturbing others nearby. This small “watch-style” clock comes with a band that can be worn around the wrist or placed underneath a pillow. Ideal for individuals with hearing issues or sleepers who want a reliable method of discretely waking up in the morning, the Shake N’ Wake can be set to activate a vibrating alarm that gently rouses you from sleep or a standard audible alarm. With a soothing blue LED display and easy-to-use functionality, the Shake N’ Wake is powered by 1 AAA battery (not included). The Shake N’ Wake also comes with an hourly chime that can be de-activated for a silent and restful night’s sleep.




SINMI SM888 Alarm Clock with Backlight Sensor Touch LED Clock

Available in three bold color choices, the Sin&Mi Morning Clock is small enough to serve as a travel alarm but features a large, easy-to-read display perfect for daily use. The large LCD screen has a light sensor to automatically dim the lights during the night so as not to disturb your rest. The Sin&Mi Clock has a very reliable but non-jarring audible alarm that begins at very low volume and then gradually gets louder if not attended. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), the Sin&Mi Morning Clock also features a temperature display, calendar, and time. The Sin&Mi Morning Clock is designed to be easy to program, featuring repeatable alarms and a large snooze bar that doubles as an activator for the LED display when the room is dark.




Seiko QHE083SLH

If you’re looking for a simple, analog alarm clock, the Seiko QHE083SLH is a true gem. With an old-fashioned and easy-to-read clock face, the Seiko QHE083SLH comes in either a stylish black clock face and silver case or white clock face and black case. Despite its classic appearance and sweep second hand, the Seiko QHE083SLH is completely silent with no ticking or whirring so as not to disturb your sleep. The alarm is easy to set and features a beeping sound to comfortably rouse you at the appointed time. Small enough for travelers, the Seiko QHE083SLH is an outstanding modern variant of a true classic that sleepers of all ages will be comfortable in using and setting.




OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

With a fun and playfully colorful design, the OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light is ideal for children and the young at heart. Included with the OK to Wake! clock are two faceplates to add whimsical versatility when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep. When the alarm is activated, the OK to Wake! begins to glow a vibrant green and the clock face will display fun animations that make getting out of bed fun. Powered either by 4 AA batteries (not included) or a USB cord, the OK to Wake! is a great way to add color to naps and nighttime sleeps. The OK to Wake! also features a soft yellow night light, a nap (countdown) timer, and an included interactive game to teach youngsters how to learn to read both analog and digital clock faces.




Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light

From one of the leading manufacturers of lighting appliances, the Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light is a unique twist on the alarm clock. The Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light comes with your choice of audible alarms, a local FM radio station or one of two nature sounds. For sleepers who want a gentle and soothing way to wake up, the Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light has a completely silent light alarm that begins to glow softly and then gently increases in brilliance to create a natural atmosphere simulating the rising sun. The Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light features a light bulb that glows at 85 Watts (that can be replaced if necessary) at its maximum setting and is powered by a standard electric cord. The Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light can also be used as a standard lamp, ideal for bedside reading or room illumination.




Best-mall Creative Classic Small

Made from genuine Black Walnut wood sourced in the United States, the Creative Classic is a beautifully simple modern take on the classic analog alarm clock. Small enough for travel use and beautiful enough to adorn any nightstand, the Creative Classic has a silent second sweep hand and easy-to-read black clock face on a white background. With a gentle glow, the Creative Classic can be used as a nightstand and its minimalist design makes it very easy to set and operate. When it’s time to wake up, the Creative Classic begins with eight soft, slow beeps and then continues with slightly louder, slightly faster sounds until the alarm is disabled.




Lifemax 331 Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Small and compact with a stylish silver design and LED display, the Lifemax 331 is perfect for ensuring reliable waking without disturbing nearby sleepers. Ideal for individuals who may be visually or hearing impaired, the Lifemax 331 is designed to slip under your pillow and trigger wakefulness through the use of a powerful but comfortable vibrating alarm. Small enough to be used as a travel alarm (with an included carrying case), the Lifemax 331 has a fold-out leg for convenient placement on a nightstand. The Lifemax 331 is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included). The easy-to-read clock face displays the time, a snooze indicator, the temperature, and comes with a one-touch backlight feature. For sleepers who want a more traditional waking experience, the Lifemax 331 also comes with a separate audible alarm.




DreamSky Non Ticking Quartz Analog Alarm Clock With night light And Snooze

Available in four soothing pastel color designs, the DreamSky is a lovely version of the traditional round analog alarm clock. With easy-to-read black numerals on a white clock face, the DreamSky has a completely silent second sweep hand for quiet and restful sleep. When it’s time to wake, the DreamSky has a special melody alarm that gently builds in volume so as not to jar or disorient sleepers.

The audible alarm is also accompanied by flashing blue lights that help stimulate the senses to roust sleepers from their slumber. By pressing the top button on the DreamSky, a soothing blue night light can be activated. Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), the DreamSky is portable enough for travel use or can serve as a great accent piece in any bedroom. When the alarm on the DreamSky has activated and then been disabled, a friendly and pleasant voice will wish you a good morning, a delightfully whimsical way to begin each day on the right foot.




BioBrite Pearl SunRise Alarm Clock

The BioBrite Pearl comes in aesthetically pleasing soft tangerine and white design that makes the clock an elegant accessory to any bedroom decor. Using a standard 60 Watt bulb (not included), the BioBrite Pearl can rouse sleepers by mimicking the natural growing luminance of the rising sun. The hand-blown tangerine glass top adds a warmth to the light, making rising from your slumber a gentle and natural process. The BioBrite Pearl can also be used in sunset mode to reverse the waking process, gently fading the light to complete darkness to help you slip into a deep and restful sleep. The BioBrite Pearl also comes with soothing natural sounds, including white noise, to help mask background noises during the falling asleep process.




Sharp Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock

For individuals who want to be silently roused without disturbing nearby slumberers, the Sharp Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock comes with a gently vibrating alarm that can be slipped underneath a pillow or placed on a nightstand. Ideal for individuals with hearing issues, the Sharp Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock comes in a stylish and compact black case. With an easy-to-read LED display featuring a soothing blue backlight, the Sharp Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock will never disturb nearby sleepers. The Sharp Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock also comes with the option of an audible alarm function.





Whether you’re looking for a compact vibrating alarm or prefer a more traditional nightstand alarm clock with completely silent operation, there are a number of great quiet alarm clocks on the market today. Depending on your needs, an alarm clock that uses lights to simulate the rising of the sun may be the ideal way to rise from your slumbers or you can choose a compact travel alarm that can be slipped under your pillow, using silent vibrations to alert you that it’s time to wake up.

Whatever your budget and your alarm needs, there is an alarm clock with the right combination of portability, lights, display, and style of alarm choices to ensure that you never oversleep or disturb nearby sleepers.


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