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Best Quiet Air Pumps and Buying Guide 2020

When it comes to air pumps used to maintain oxygenation of your aquarium’s water, there are really only a few factors that matter. The strength of the pump, the tank size it is able to support, and how much power it uses are all relevant aspects, but perhaps the most important quality is the noise produced by the pump. Ideally, these pumps should be nearly inaudible, and they certainly should not inhibit your hearing in any way. There are a ton of pumps available on the market, but not all of them are as quiet as the rest.

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you, especially since there is no way to test these devices before purchasing them. You must also consider whether the pump will be visible, or if you will install it in a nearby cabinet. The location of the pump and your space restrictions may also play a role in your available options. Above all, an air pump that produces little or no noise is going to be top priority. Below is a list of reviews for many of the top noiseless air pumps, which can be used as a buying guide for those in the market for a new pump.

1. Tetra Whisper Air Pump

This sleek air pump is made with an ergonomic shape that blends well with most modern decors, so it is perfect for aquariums that don’t have a place to hide the pump. The Tetra Whisper is available in four distinct sizes, each suited for a different tank size. Options include pumps for 10-gallon tanks, 20-40-gallon tanks, 40-60-gallon tanks, and 60-100-gallon tanks. This pump provides an affordable and aesthetically pleasing solution to providing aeration to your aquarium, and it comes with a plastic air valve, although the rest of the tubing must be purchased separately. The pump is whisper-quiet and exceptionally powerful considering its size and scale. The two largest versions of the Tetra Whisper come with two outlets, and the smaller versions come with one.


2. JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump 700 Aquarium Air Pump

What makes the Fusion Air Pump so unique is that it uses a volume of pressurized air to absorb excess sound from the unit itself, which allows it to run nearly silent. The air pocket, or plenum, also helps control the air flow rate of the unit, using pressure to keep the flow constant and strong. The device is controlled with a simple yet effective electronic knob, and the unit’s patented design is sure to provide the aeration you need for your tank. The Fusion does not come with any tubing, and there are six varieties to choose from that range in strength. The three largest versions comes with dual outputs, and the three smallest come with one output.


3. Marine Metal Quiet Bubbles Water Resistant Air Pump

This is one of the few pumps that includes a silicone tube and weighted air stone, which is crucial for using the pump with an aquarium, fish tank, or bait bucket. The device is powered by two D batteries, which allows it to be highly portable. It is ideal for fishermen needing a way to keep bait buckets fresh, or as an emergency backup for a wired air pump. The pump is entirely water-resistant, including the battery contacts, which are made from a beryllium-copper alloy. The device is sealed with neoprene, and the switch is protected by a rubber boot. The back of the device holds a clip that can attach to any bucket or tank. The included silicone tube is 24 inches long, which is long enough to support many tank and bucket sizes.


4. Aqueon Quiet Flow Air Pump

The Aqueon Quiet Flow pump is the next generation of aquarium air pumps, designed to include new features and a sleek, modern design. This device can support tanks up to 100 gallons, and it has a rubber base that is designed to stifle vibration and absorb sound. The result is an air pump that is virtually silent. The unit is vertically oriented, which prevents kinks from forming in the air lines. It comes equipped with a specialized valve that checks for issues with the power system, and it prevents damage to the unit during electrical malfunction. The Aqueon has a simplistic design akin to a standing computer speaker, which allows it to seamlessly blend with many decor styles.


5. Million Air Pump 400

The Million Air is a perfect example of an inexpensive home aquarium air pump that functions at a high level. The device is extremely quiet, and it uses very little energy, which makes it economical and unobtrusive. It has powerful air flow through dual output ports, and the air flow rate is fully adjustable. The Million Air is ideal for tanks between 30 and 50 gallons, which is the range for many homes tanks. This device is durable and long-lasting, providing your home aquarium with efficient and thorough aeration that is consistent and quiet. It is small and easily fits in the palm of your hand, so it will sit out of sight and out of mind once it has been installed.


6. Perman New Ultra Silent Energy Efficient Aquarium Air Pump

The Perman air pump is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of aquarium equipment. The eye-catching design is reminiscent of a raindrop, and the shimmering blue top is both protective of the internal device and beautifully well-crafted. It is the perfect mixture of form and function. The Perman is made from durable plastic and uses little energy to operate. It is exceptionally quiet and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The device does not include any tubing for the output ports, but tubing can be purchased separately. It comes in four versions, two of which have dual output ports. The remaining two have a single outlet for air flow.


7. Penn-Plax Air-Pod Air Pump

The Penn-Plax Air-Pod is stylish and quiet, so it won’t detract from your decor when you add it to your tank or aquarium. It is made from durable materials that make it supremely dependable and long-lasting, and it can support tanks of to 55 gallons. The Air-Pod is designed in a pyramidal shape with rounded, smooth corners and edges, which melt away into the background. It comes in white and has the Air-Pod logo adorned on the side, and it produces powerful aeration that you can count on. There are even repair kits available if there is a problem with your pump and you don’t want to go through the hassle of completely replacing it.


8. Quiet One Lifegard Aquarium Pump

This powerful pump takes away the frills and bells of other models and focuses solely on high performance. It is compatible with both salt and fresh water, and it has an Eco-Sav design that allows less energy to be translated into more pumping power. It can pump a whopping 758 gallons per hour, making it more than powerful enough to handle even a 100-gallon tank. It is so heavy-duty that it could be used to power an outdoor fountain, yet it remains as quiet as a mouse. The device is simple and industrial, but it performs at such a high rate, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. The unit has a 6-foot power cord, so it can be installed just about anywhere.


9. 150 Gallon Adjustable Silent Quiet Air Pump

This adjustable air pump from Aquarium Air Pumps is powerful and quiet, and it requires low energy to perform at a high rate of return. The body of the unit is made from high-quality plastic, and the device rests on rubber feet, which absorb sound and vibration while keeping the unit firmly in place. It has two airflow outlets and can support tanks up to 150 gallons. The power cord for this unit is 4 feet long, so it can easily reach a nearby wall outlet near your tank. The airflow rate is fully adjustable with a small toggle switch on the side of the device.


10. Aquarium Air Pump, 5 to 40 Gallon, Silent Fish Tank Oxygen Pump with Air Stone and Silicone Tube

This tiny unit is great for smaller aquariums and fish bowls. It measures just a few inches in diameter and has a simple design that allows it to blend in with most decors. The unit has a suction cup on the back to make it easy to mount to your tank or bowl, and it operates at less than 35dB of volume. The silicone tube and weighted air stone are built in to the the device, which is exceptionally convenient for those looking for a single purchase to fulfill their aquarium aeration needs. This device offers stable performance and durable, long-lasting strength.

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