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The Best AirPod Cases – 2020 Guide

With Airpods becoming increasingly more popular, more people are buying the best AirPod cases to keep their investment safe. While there are quite a significant number of them on the market, it can be hard to find the ‘quality’ needle in the haystack. There are a quite a good few reasons why this is the case.

Perhaps the largest of these is the sheer volume of these cases that are on offer. There’s a countless number of them available. Coupled with this is the fact that there’s quite a variety of factors that buyers will have to consider. While charging time and price will be some of the more obvious of these, there could be a few other things that will affect the choice. As such, many people might not even know where they should start looking.

As with everything, your own personal favorite will depend on how you weight up the pros and cons of each choice against your own personal needs. To help with this we have reviewed some of the best Airpod cases you can buy today on Amazon, and you can read these reviews below. Before We get to the reviews, lets go over some of the basics of Airpods and cases.


Why Do I Need An Airpods Case?

Airpods are an expensive bit of kit as far as wireless earbuds go. In fact they are quite expensive even when compared against many over ear quiet headphones that also use Active Noise Cancelling. The original airpods charging case that you get from Apple, is also an expensive bit of kit. As well as being expensive it is also a bit on the fragile side, and if it breaks then your Airpod wireless earphones are useless when they run out of charge until you get a new case.

To prevent the cost of this, many people will invest in an Airpod protective case. From as little as a few bucks, these protective cases provide a soft, shock absorbing outer shell to the main charging case preventing damage and increasing the longevity of the charging case. Many airpods case covers are made from a silicone material which has good shock absorbing properties. Some will have a snap closure and you can even pick up a leather airpods case. Whatever you choose to invest in, the case should act as a protective cover for your airpods and charging case.

Things To Look For

If you want a hard shell case, look for something that is made from a good hard plastic, with good impact-resistant properties. You don’t want the case to shatter the first time it hits the ground if the plastic is too brittle. Something drop proof or a rugged case will be a real benefit, even if it’s not as aesthetically pleasing.

If you are using a key ring chain to hook the case to your jeans, this is a common way in which the case will hit the ground so be careful how you attach the key ring.

For those looking for a soft silicone airpods case, make sure the reviews are good. That the silocone case material is of a good quality and won’t break down as inferior materials do.

Ok, let’s get on with our best airpods cases reviews!


Best Airpod Pro Cases Reviewed


The HATALKIN Case offers quite an extensive number of benefits, all of which should help to draw in a person’s interest. One of the more unique of these is the fact that it’s made out of eco-friendly materials, which could be an attractive quality.

While many people may assume that this would have a negative effect on the protection that the case offers, this isn’t true. Instead, it offers more protection than many people may have initially thought. Coupled with this is the fact that it has a slim and compact design, which should help to make it portable.

However, this can attract a lot of dirt quite quickly, which could be a distinct drawback for a large number of people.


Eco-friendly materials and design.
Significant amount of protection.
Compact and slim design for portability.


Can get dirty quite quickly.



Ztotop Case

The Ztotop Case provides a variety of benefits for owners, which have made it a noticeable choice for a significant amount of time. One of the more prominent of these is that it’s made out of high-quality materials. This means that it’s a long-lasting and durable Airpod case, which should be a large benefit for most buyers.

Coupled with this is a dustproof plug that protects the charging port. This should make sure that it stays clean, which may often be an issue for a significant number of people. Lastly is a clip that helps the case attach to a bag or pants so it doesn’t get lost.

However, the Airpods may fall out of the case quite easily, which negates the majority of benefits that many people may want. While this wouldn’t be a large issue for most users, it could pose a problem for some.


Made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
Comes with a clip to easily attach to a bag.
Dustproof plug ensures that the charging port stays clean.


Airpods may fall out.



OHUI Soft Silicone Full Protective Shockproof Cover

The OHUI Soft Silicone Full Protective Shockproof Cover has quite a few prominent features. These have helped to make it a well-recommended option for a large amount of time. The most significant of these is that it’s designed to last and includes a variety of high-quality materials.

It also has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it a portable option. Alongside this is its dust cap to make sure that the charging port is kept clean for use. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any drawbacks seen with the OHUI.

The largest of these is that it’s not waterproof, which could be quite a significant issue for a large number of Airpod owners. This could be an offputting quality for a variety of people, as being waterproof is an aspect that many other cases offer. There are several color options available.


Designed for longevity.
Compact and lightweight design.
Dust cap makes sure that charging port is kept clean.



Isn’t waterproof.



Meiyasy Airpods Pro Case

The Meiyasy Airpods Pro Case boasts a variety of potential benefits for buyers. As such, it’s easy to see why a significant number of people have been choosing it over others. There is ample clearance for the charging cable, and a clear view of the light sensor.

Coupled with this is a hinge that’s made out of high-quality materials. This means that owners will be able to attach it to a bag or jeans to make sure that it doesn’t get lost anytime soon. Lastly is how much damage protection this offers, with the case outperforming many of its alternatives.

Despite this, it can be much bulkier than some other options, which could be an issue for some potential buyers. While this may be a relatively minor problem, it’s something that many potential buyers may dislike.


Large amount of damage protection.
High-quality carabiner to prevent loss.


Bulkier than may alternatives.



Twelve South AirSnap | Leather Protective Case/Cover with Loss Prevention Clip

The Twelve South AirSnap case is a simple, stylish leather case, that can come in a variety of 7 different colors. The case has a cut out section in the bottom for easy charging with lightning cable and visibility of the pairing light is clear.  This case can accommodate both wired and wireless charging.

Coupled with this is the fact that it’s designed to last, with the case being created using long-lasting materials. This means that owners wouldn’t have to replace it anytime soon. It has a strong snap clip to prevent loss, and a functional clip for attaching to a key ring.


Unique and stylish design.
Easy access to charging ports.
Designed with long-lasting and durable materials.


At the more expensive end of the scale



Official Replacement Charging Case

Apple Wireless Charging Case For Airpods

There’s a lot to consider when choosing any Airpod charging cases. One of the most prominent of these is making sure that the selected product will actually charge the devices. However, this isn’t always the case, and buyers will have to make sure that they choose one that works.

With how difficult this can often be, mistakes will inevitably happen. This isn’t the case here, as the official Apple Wireless Charging Case for Airpods will work with all devices. Coupled with this is the fact that it will charge many Airpods much faster than other charging cases would.

It can also utilize a variety of charging methods, which means that owners wouldn’t have to worry about what they can and can’t use. This should make it one of the better-recommended cases for the majority of Airpod owners.

However, there are still a few prominent negatives seen with the device. Prominent among these is that it might not be as long-lasting as many alternatives. This could mean that owners may find themselves replacing it much faster than they would have wanted to.


Charges Airpods faster than competitors.
Works with all Airpod devices.
Connects to various charging methods.


Doesn’t be as long-lasting as competitors.



Best Airpod Cases

GAZEON Qi Wireless Charging Airpods Case

The GAZEON Qi Wireless Charging Airpods Cases boasts a few features. The most prominent of these is the protection that it offers, with this outperforming many alternatives. This should be enough to attract a large number of people. Alongside this is that it offers high-quality and quick charger, which is a noticeable advantage.

Coupled with this is the fact that it’s quite easy to set up and use, which should make charging the Airpods a breeze. However, this does suffer from some drawbacks. The most obvious of these is the hinge for connecting to bags or pants. This can be quite low-quality and may come off quite easily.


Offers high-quality wireless charging.
Significant amount of damage protection.
Easy to set up and use.


Hinge may be relatively low quality.



ICARER Genuine Leather Portable Protective Shockproof Cover

There is quite a large number of reasons why many people would consider the ICARER Genuine Leather Portable Protective Shockproof Cover. One of the more obvious of these is that it’s one of the more stylish options on the market, which makes it one of the more visually appealing.

Coupled with this is the fact that it can withstand a significant amount of damage. This means that many people wouldn’t have to worry about their Airpods being dented by typical wear and tear. The charging port is easy to access, which should be advantageous.

However, this might not be as durable and long-lasting as some competitors, which means that owners may have to replace them regularly. This could be quite a significant drawback for many Airpod owners.


More stylish design than many competitors.
Large amount of damage protection.
Easy access to charging port.


May not be long-lasting.



Catalyst Waterproof Case For Apple Airpods

The Catalyst Waterproof Case offers a few specific benefits for many people, which is why it’s often a recommended choice. Firstly is that it provides a significant amount of water-resistance and shock-resistance, which should prove to be quite useful for many people.

Alongside this is the extensive protection that it offers, which could be much more high-quality than many people might have expected. Lastly is the design of the case, which is much more lightweight and portable than some people may expect.

However, the Airpod charger might not fit into the case properly, which could be a significant drawback for many owners.


Large amount of protection.
Waterproof and shockproof.
Designed to be as quite portable.


Airpod charger might not fit properly.



Coffea Airpods Case With Keychain

There are a few reasons why Airpod owners might consider the Coffea Airpods Case, with the first being that it’s been designed for portability. As a result, it’s more lightweight and compact than quite a significant number of people may have initially expected. This doesn’t affect its protection, however, as it has this in abundance.

One of the last major benefits is that the charging port is protected by a dustproof cover. This means that owners wouldn’t have to run into any problems when they’re charging their Airpods. Despite this, there are several drawbacks.

Perhaps the biggest is that it isn’t compatible with many wireless chargers, which could pose an issue to many people.


Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
Large amount of damage protection.
Charging port is kept clean through dustproof cover.


Might not be compatible with many wireless chargers.



Catalyst Airpods Case Protective Silicone Cover

The Catalyst Airpods have several features that many people might find appealing. The most notable is that it offers a significant amount of fall and damage resistance, which is one of the more important factors in the decision. Alongside this is the fact that it’s both shockproof and waterproof, further enhancing the protection.

It also has a slim and portable design, which the majority of people will find attractive. However, the Airpod charger has a tendency to fall out, as the case isn’t as well-designed as many people may want. As a result, owners may find that they’ll have to check the case regularly.


Significant amount of fall resistance.
Waterproof and shockproof.
More portable than many other options.


Airpod charger might fall out regularly.



elago Leather AirPods Case Designed for Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2

The Elago Leather AirPods case is another classy entry to the list. With functional brass key ring hook, and the ability to accomodate wireless charging as well as wired, it has a lot going for it. The smooth cow leather material, quality stitching and simplistic design ooze quality. It is very reasonably priced for a leather case too!


  • Affordable and Functional
  • Can accomodate wireless charging
  • Fits AirPods 1 and Airpods 2


  • Very snug fit



Final Thought

There can be a variety of things that people will look at when choosing the best Airpod cases. As such, there can be quite a large number of factors that may influence a person’s decision. This can often be the largest reason why many people may have difficulty choosing between many products.

However, each of the above is a well-recommended option for most Airpod owners. While they all have some drawbacks, they each have many more positives. Buyers shouldn’t go wrong with any of the above.

Though you’ll need to spend some amount of time considering them, you should have quite a high-quality product once you’ve decided. With how affordable the majority of the above are, it could be recommended that Airpod owners pick up a few of them.

This should make sure that people are able to test the best Airpod cases themselves and decide which one is the best for them. As such, they should be able to ensure that they’re Airpods are well-protected and that they don’t have to worry about any damage.


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